Jenzaa Scam 2020

Jenzaa Scam [Sept 2020] – Is this Site Trustworthy? -> This article will give you information regarding a new online blog site.

Have you been searching for ways to run a business by sitting at home? Then Jenzaa will be helpful for you. 

Today, more and more people are searching for ways to run a home-based business. It has many benefits such as no expenses on travelling, handling multiple things at once, and just doing things more comfortably. 

Many users complain of such advice-giving sites to be scams. Is Jenzaa Scam too? 

This review will focus on telling you if this United State based website shows you the truth or not. We will be focusing on the kind of information this site provides and if they can help you solve your queries. 

Is Jenzaa legit? 

As you may know, the internet, like anything else, comes with its set of advantages along with disadvantages. Numerous sites exist today to scam people, and as the years, the numbers of the scam sites increase. This is what makes us write this article to ensure you know the ins and outs regarding Jenzaa. 

Jenzaa is a blog that was recently set up to provide information/tips about various topics. No payments of any kind need to be made, and you can get regular updates via jenzaa emailsThese factors make the blog legit and not a scam. 

What is Jenzaa? 

It is a blog site that writes about finance, grants, health, housing, life insurance, etc. in the posts. The posts are short yet very informative and convincing. The write up is in a manner that makes it easy for people to read and understand regardless of their backgrounds. 

It was recently set up, so you may not find a lot of interaction happening on the site. There are also only five articles for reading. But this is not alarming as they want to provide its readers with some insight. 

What is unique about Jenzaa? 

The blog posts cover various topics such as “3 ways to go green that will benefit your wallet and mother earth.” While the text discusses finance, it will, however, catch your eye as it talks about habits that will benefit the planet as well. 

They provide a fascinating take on financial topics, and that is something to look forward to. Since the name of the blog is ambiguous, it lets the writers upload a myriad of topics and not just finance or housing tips. 

But the most noteworthy thing about the blog is its creative approach towards topics. These facts are what make the site unique. 

Specifications of Jenzaa

  • Product- finance, grant, life insurance, health, and housing tips blog 
  • Website-
  • Email- not provided 
  • Phone number- not provided 
  • Payment- not required 
  • It is an online blog. 
  • Posts are regarding tips and tricks to follow in life. 
  • Content is interesting 

Pros of reading posts by Jenzaa

  • The blog has an “All Rights Reserved” sign. 
  • It aims at giving honest advice to people. 
  • Has a very creative approach with its posts 
  • Blog Layout is appealing. 
  • Anybody can read it as it the write up is in simple language. 
  • Content is relatable 

Cons of reading posts by Jenzaa

  • Website is very new 
  • No comments are up on the site 
  • The tips will not work out for everybody 
  • Monotonous text and no pictures 
  • Has only five articles up on the site 
  • About us, the section has only two lines written 
  • The name of the blog is very ambiguous. 

Customer reviews posts on Jenzaa 

Since Jenzaa set up recently, it lacks any reviews or comments in its comments section. But that should not be a bother as the site is not selling a product and forcing you to buy it. The blog merely aims at providing simple tricks to its readers and help them out. Hence it is legit, and you should not be worried about the blog scamming you. 

You can reach out to them by leaving them your email id along with the question you want answering. The readership may increase as the posts are short and written in a very readable format. These posts are innovative and will catch your eye regardless of your background. 

Final Verdict- 

This review by now will have told you that the site is legit. To add further, they possess an SSL certificate, which will ensure none of your data is not used without your permission. Jenzaa is safe to read from and gets a thumbs up for its original writeups. 

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  1. It’s a fucking scam. “You’re 2nd payment isn’t waiting…” an email from Jenzaa said. Really? Where’s my first payment then??? Fucking liars.

  2. Never tried, won’t even click onto it. Pay you, really, you honestly believed that? Take something out before, not after the fact.

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