What Is Wrong With Kelly Clarkson Eye [Sep] Information >> In this article, you read about an actress with an ailment.

Viewers of the immensely popular Kelly Clarkson show in the United States were in for a surprise when the show aired with Season 2 on September 22nd. The lovely Kelly Clarkson, the hostess, appeared wearing an eye-patch! Clarkson kept joking that she was “quite the pirate” on the show, but viewers couldn’t help but wonder What Is Wrong With Kelly Clarkson Eye?

If you too are a Kelly Clarkson fan and wondering the same, then read on for further details.

Why was Kelly Clarkson wearing an Eye Patch?

The Kelly Clarkson Show kickstarted with Season 2 on September 22nd, and the Emmy-winning hostess appeared wearing an eye-patch. It was pretty bizarre as Kelly herself apologized for “looking like a pirate” to her guest, Common, who complimented her on her new look.

The producers of the show and even Clarkson herself came out with explanations soon after the episode aired as the fans all around the United States had gone berserk, asking What Is Wrong With Kelly Clarkson Eye?

Clarkson commented that she caught an eye infection and had to wear the patch as per her doctor’s advice. However, she had a packed schedule for shooting episodes of The Kelly Clarkson Show and the Voice, which couldn’t be postponed. Hence it may be quite a few times that fans find Clarkson with her pirate look.

Clarkson commented she had the eye patch on for three days, and they filmed six episodes, two in a day. So, now fans can expect the patch to appear at least five more times!

What are people saying?

As soon as The Kelly Clarkson Show premiered with Season 2, fans caught on their favorite hostess’s changed appearance. Reactions from shock, wonder, and even genuine concern started flooding immediately.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram got flooded with posts asking What Is Wrong With Kelly Clarkson Eye? Some fans even put up youtube videos with several conjectures regarding the same. 

Some varied opinions stated that the actress probably had the infection early in September as the episodes of The Kelly Clarkson Show and even the Voice are pre-taped and not Live. 

But apart from the ones above, there were also some genuine concerns on Twitter regarding Clarkson’s altered look. Fans were worried, asked if Clarkson was alright now, whether it was severe, and even if it hurt?

Overall, Kelly Clarkson’s fans and the media had a field day courting questions and seeking answers to the mysterious eye-patch. Clarkson is yet to reveal the timeline of when she had the infection.

What We Feel

As fans ourselves, we were equally anxious and wondering What Is Wrong With Kelly Clarkson Eye? But going by the recent appearances of the American Idol winner, we can safely conclude Kelly Clarkson is doing fine now.

However, the actress put up a brave front sporting the patch and working despite an eye infection and deserves applause.

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