How to Shift Realities in Your Sleep [Nov 2020] Read Now >> In the above article, you read about the process of shifting realities.

When we accomplish our dreams and desires, we all enjoy unmatched happiness.

The good news is, we don’t have to wait longer to get this happiness, and there’s a shortcut to get it!

This article is about the technique of shifting realities. People across the United States are now practicing this and are recommending this technique to their friends and families.

Read the following article to know more about How to Shift Realities in Your Sleep.

What is Shifting Realities?

Before we begin with How to Shift Realities in Your Sleep, it is essential to understand shifting realities.

It is said that we all are regularly changing our realities. It is done and affected by all the decisions we make, including the smallest ones like drinking a glass of water.

Now, you all must be thinking, how drinking a glass of water can change our reality. The answer to this is we all believe that water will quench our thirst or help us remain healthy and fit. Based on this belief, when we drink water, our reality becomes a healthier one.

The main essence of shifting realities is, whatever you desire to have or to be, assume that you have it, or you already are.

Who can shift realities? 

Shifting realities is very easy and hence is not restricted to some particular age or gender of people. We all can do it and move towards a better reality of ours, and thus a better life.

How to Shift Realities in Your Sleep?

  • Firstly, one has to decide what he or she actually desires to have or want. The desire should be his or her desire and should not be influenced by other factors such as other’s expectations. Also, desires should be precise. For example, it should not be I want to lose weight; rather, I want to lose 10 kg.
  • Assume that your desire is fulfilled. Visit all the different scenarios in your mind that occur when your wish accomplishes.
  • You should be able to feel all these mental scenarios.
  • Keep revisiting these scenarios and feelings until you fall asleep!
  • Continue this every day until this turns into your reality. 

Why shift realities?

Now that we know How to Shift Realities in Your Sleep, it is essential to understand what benefit we get by shifting reality.

By doing so, we feel the joy or happiness of having things we desire to have or like to be. Thus, these feelings also indirectly motivate us to function better to accomplish our dreams and desires.


Shifting Realities is a solution that can be used to achieve our dreams, thus giving us a sense of peace and joy. We all should try this and catch on the happiness we are deliberately leaving out of our lives.

Let us know about your experience and other concerns on How to Shift Realities in Your Sleep in the comments section below.

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    1. Yes, you can write your script wherever you want, some people dont even use scripts to shift they just think of what they want to happen

  1. yes! you can script anywhere you want. phone, computer, paper, literally anywhere you can type/write/draw. you can also just script in your mind, you dont need to have a physical script.

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