What Does #662# Do 2020

What Does #662# Do (Dec) Now Get Rid Of Scam Calls! -> Now get a shortcut to reject or ignore scam calls from con-tricksters without spending any money or time.

Do you regularly get scam calls? How many are they? According to cyber studies, an average person gets at least five scam calls in a day. Some carriers are giving a number to their users to ignore such calls. Therefore, “What Does #662# Do” has become relevant to search engines. Many users are still confused about 662 as it does not have any legitimate back-up.

Approximately a hundred scammers regularly emerge to trap you in their sales pitch, messages, etc. in the United States. Such scammers always get away from cybersecurity and legal actions because they hid their personal details. Therefore, our article will comprise details of such calls and how you can get rid of them. You should peruse our post until the end!

What is 662?

Some cell carriers are taking a step to secure their users from scammers and their incoming calls. “What Does #662# Do” is getting popular after mobile infrastructure launched a new network technology to ignore the scam incoming calls. The 662 number became famous on the social media to which the tech reviewers analyzed its functionality and legitimacy.

Many people are posting stories and info-post where they claim #662# number blocks and deactivates the scam calls. If you dial this number, you can quickly secure yourself from such calls and protect your mobile data. 

How 662 number became famous?

In March 2017, T-mobile infrastructure launched a number that can help you in ignoring scam calls. The new network scheme uses scam block and scam ID technology to fight robocalling. Under our “What Does #662# Do” post, you can learn how to disable and enable the scam block technology. Some cell carriers are providing this functionality to their users. They can dial #662# to enable the scam ID and block technology.

However, they can also dial #632# to disable the scam block technology if they wish to receive scam calls. After dialling the #662# number, the screen will flash “SCAMLIKELY” notification before blocking that scam numbers. You will never get a call from the blocked numbers ever again. 

Which carriers use this technology?

You should understand that not all cell carriers use this technology to protect users from scam calls. As of now, we only found two cell carriers’ name that will be listed in our “What Does #662# Do” article. They are:

  • Metro PCS
  • T-Mobile

Final Verdict:

Nothing is protected from scammers because technology has given many loopholes to them to escape from anything. #662# is created for T-Mobile and Metro PCS cell carriers’ users to ignore and block scam calls without doing anything. Besides, AT&T and Verizon cell carriers use their unique technology to block such calls for users without disturbing them automatically. 

Overall, the number is legit and functional on Metro PCS and T-Mobile cell carriers. We hope “What Does #662# Do” post answers your queries. Kindly leave your feedback in the comments!

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