Amongusx. com (Nov 2020) Get Free Skin here! >> Want to know if the mentioned website does what it says? Read the article to learn more.  

Are you a hard-core fan of the famous Among Us game? Do you feel sad that you cannot purchase the different skins, pets, and hats for your character? 

But then did you know that there are online resources which hack and provide you with the massive collection of these accessories for free? And you can access these resources irrespective of the fact that you are in PolandFrance, or India. Amongusx. com is one such resource.But as you know, not all of them provide you the advantage you seek out from them. Most of such sites are fraud and a scam. We will inform you about everything regarding this site. So, let us begin.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online game both published and developed by the American gaming studio, Inner SlothThe game is exciting and set in an outer spaceship where the players get either of the two roles: an imposter or a crewmate. The imposter has to fake the identity of a crewmate and kill them like a ghost (unseen), while the crewmates have to execute various tasks and at the same time expose the imposter. The game ends when either the imposter kills everyone or when he gets busted by the crewmates. 

It was released in June 2018 but received all the buzz during the great COVID-19 pandemic, leading everyone to self-quarantine and isolates. 

This game has also inspired many memes and has become a part of the most famous games for 2020. It has used by players across other countries.

What is Amongusx. com?

It is one of the many online websites that lay claim to providing free skins, hats, and pets for the game’s characters. Otherwise, these accessories can only get bought through real money because they are in-game purchases. One can only buy them and not receive them from any sort. 

On the homepage, the site requests you to start the install. When you hit enter and follow the guide, you ultimately reach the step to ask you to do human verification by clicking on the verify button.The website is suspicious. It claims to provide the accessories at no charge. Amongusx. comis too good to be legit and trustworthy.

The website’s registration has done earlier this month on the 3rd. No detail is provided about the owner. There is no proper contact information displayed on the website. You have to watch ads whenever you click anything on this site. It seems that the website receives its revenue from the same.  

Customer Reviews:

Unfortunately, we could not find any user or customer review for this website, both offline and online. It may be because the website has registered recently. It is unpopular and not much recognized.Do let us know in the comments section below about your individual opinions for Amongusx. com and whether you have tried it or not. If you have, tell us about your experience and whether you found it safe and legit to use.  

Final verdict:

We strictly warn you about this website. It seems to be a fraud and scam. There is nothing authentic on the mentioned site. We recommend you to look for convincing reviews from some trustable resources before accessing anything on this website or sharing any information with them. No owner or contact details have been displayed on the official site; therefore, do not trust it.Be very careful while using and accessing free accessories on Amongusx. com.

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