Latest News 6 Strangest Gadgets You Can Get Your Hands On

Technology is great. It means you can find out just about anything on the internet. Plus, it has given you all the comforts in your life today. But how much is too much? And how ‘smart’ can a device get? Are we using technology to create things just for the sake of it? Read on to find out the weirdest gadgets on the market today.  

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Smart Rings 

Who would have thought you’d need your jewelry for anything other than accessorizing? Apparently, it can also work as a little piece of technology attached to your finger. While this may sound like an episode of Black Mirror, smart rings are slowly getting popular. You can connect your phone or any device to these rings and they will track incoming calls, steps, and other things.  

This will work even better if your smartphone is connected to the internet at all times with deals like Spectrum mobile plans. Plus, smart rings also analyze mood changes. Some track night patterns related to sleeping, rest, and alarms. They can also keep a check on the calories you take in and burn each day. Who needs that kind of negativity right? Well, apparently a lot of people. Smart rings might not be too commercial right now but there are chances they could increase in popularity.  

Smart Toothbrushes  

Imagine a talking toothbrush. In fact, imagine a talking, nagging toothbrush. Smart toothbrushes will tell you when to brush your teeth, how to brush your teeth, and what to brush your teeth with. They also keep track of your dental hygiene so you don’t have to keep visiting the dentist every few months.

These devices can be helpful because they inform users of their brushing habits based on the nature of their teeth. Smart toothbrushes are a pretty new piece of technology. The most prominent was launched by the dental company OralB.  

Intelligent Ovens  

Would you like to finally bake something you won’t burn? Then the June Intelligent Oven is for you. It caters to people who have no idea what they’re doing in the kitchen. This oven uses advanced technology that tells it what kind of food is being placed inside. Then, the June smart oven cooks the food item based on its size, texture, and nature. Although this oven is still far from being common in the market, it could be potentially useful. The only downside is that it costs a lot. And it probably won’t recognize your obscure vegan items.  

Smart Weighing Scales 

There are people in the world who deliberately want greater access to information about their weight. They don’t believe in the whole ignorance is bliss ideology. Smart scales are beginning to gain popularity today.

You can connect these to your phones and track your weight and body measurements. Some of these scales even go beyond the basic weight indicator. They inform users of their BMR, BMI, and TDEE. Plus, they’re getting more commercial. So, if you’re somewhat of a fitness freak, look out for this device.  

Smart Forks

The is another gadget for people who are interested in fitness and nutrition. Now even your fork will tell you what to do. Smart forks are designed to track meals and eating habits.

If you’re looking to manage your weight and nutrition, this might work for you. Smart forks alert users when they’re eating too fast. They send out similar signals when users eat too much or too little.

It connects to Bluetooth and performs from there on. But the watch costs over $60. If you’re willing to spend that much on a talking fork that shocks you when you eat too much, go ahead.  

Oombrella (Smart Umbrellas)

Not everybody’s completely sold on the name. And that’s pretty understandable. But the Oombrella is here to put an end to all umbrella-related problems. Or first-world problems. Whatever you want to call it. Have you ever left your umbrella at the bus station? Or have you forgotten it on a dingy subway? You can now track your umbrella wherever it goes.

Do people care this much about umbrellas of all things? The answer is yes because this product is starting to gain attention. So, lost umbrellas are a real problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you think technology is getting out of hand, browse through this list again. And dwell on the smart inventions of today.  

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