Myballottracking com (Oct 2020) Explore the Technology. >> This article is about one of the latest techniques of tracking the mail-ballot in Saint Louis Country.

 Throughout the states, one website rules, Myballottracking. With this website’s help, the voters can receive an email, phone calls, or text updates on their ballot status.

People have already started using the website, said California Secretary of State Mr. Alex Padilla. The website Myballottracking com has become the buzzing names for all voters who are willing to track their ballots. Also, it is the sign that people have become responsible and active for their power of voting. After California, it is the time for Saint Louis County, United States.

Due to the pandemic situation, the entire state legislature passed a bill in June 2020, where it has been approved that each county of the United States has to send a vote-by-mail ballot instead of a physical ballot. It is the best way to decrease in-person interaction polling centers.

Three main rule & regulation of the trackable online ballot: 

Vote-by-mail in Saint Louis County started recording more than 72% of the ballots cast through the mail.

President Donald Trump has claimed that the Vote-by mail leads to massive fraud, and it hurts the Republicans, as per the election experts of the United States. On the contrary, Myballottracking com has claimed that they provide 0% opportunity to take any dodgy effort to this voting system.

There are safeguards for voting by mail in Saint Louis County, such as signature matching or the unique barcode for specific voters or each ballot return envelope.

Does Vote-By-Mail Lead To ‘Massive Fraud?’

As per the election experts and the analytical experts of the website Myballottracking com, there is no chance to get fraud on the mail-ballot. According to the research, it has been found that there is a low rate of fraud, informed Mr. George W. Bush after his five years of investigation on this. There is no virtual evidence or any raised attempts to break the mail ballots’ strict security

Also, the experts say that election fraud is rare in the United States. However, fraud voter cases do happen earlier. This is why the website Myballottracking com concentrates on the checking of the voters. They give your 100% assurance on the right voter. Therefore, no fraud will take place due to the transportation of the ballot. 

One of the political science professors at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-director of the Caltech/MIT Voting technology project inform me that there are greater opportunities and temptations than getting the fake ballots. So, there is less chance to have dodgy polls over mail service. 

The bottom lines:

Well, the biggest protection of Saint Louis County is the signature matching system of the state. A voter should sign outside of the ballot’s envelop. Therefore, the authority can scan the signature before opening the envelope.

Therefore, the ballot tracking system is 100% safe and authentic. A voter should not be worried about his (or her) voting.

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