(1) Mods (Nov 2020) A new personalized Server! >> If you want to get details on the first customized game server, read this article and get the game modes.

Video games are becoming very popular amongst the youth in many countries, including the Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, India, and they keep on searching various websites that offer games, mods, and cheats. 

Mods are changes made in the game by the creator to attract more players. The company does not release these mods on public websites, but many sites will offer you these cheats for free to make your game more interesting.

In this article on ‘ Mods,’ we will offer information on a website that will provide you with the game modes among us. You all might be aware of the game that is between the crewmates and the imposters. Read the entire article to know about the website in detail.

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What is the website

The website is a customized server where you can play the game with many different features that you will not find in the original game. It is the public server of the competition among us, which else the world’s first server of this game. The website is similar to the Minecraft server that is not run by Innersloth.

What are the various features that the website provide?

The website ‘ Modsprovide many cheats and modes of the game among us that you will not find in the original game but only if you play among us on this server. The features include an anti-cheat system and customize game modes.

This website is not an official server; therefore, this website server will not get affected when any bot attacks the original server. Thus, the server’s advantage is that you can play easily without interruption whenever the original website’s server is down.   

How to start playing on the server?

  • Visit the website ‘ Mods,’ and you will find a download option on the website. Click on the download button and then visit the folder in the downloads on your PC.
  • You have to press the windows button along with R and paste the text available on the website.
  • You have to click on enter, and a window will open, which has the files players preferences and game host options.
  • After that, you have to copy the downloaded file and paste it. If you get an option to replace the existing file, then opt for it.
  • You are all set to start the game with the help of ‘ Mods.’

What to do if you want to play on the original server?

If you want to shift from the website server to the game’s original server, then open the globe icon in the menu and select the region you want to play. The among us game now replaces with the actual file. And now you can play on the official server as well.


The article’s final line says that there are many malls and cheats of any game. This article shared information on a website that gives the first customized server of any game across the world.

You can easily play on the website server even if the bot attacks the official server. There are many advantages to the website ‘ Mods’ server, and you can easily play with it. As per research, the web site’s server is safe to use.

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