Among Us Prophunt (Nov 2020) Get Some Exciting features! >> The write-up is for sharing details about the new MOD version of the online game.

Spect0rr, the Among Us modder, recently launched its Among Us Prophunt pack along with a video that shows other players how to create their Prophunt mods in the game. The Prophunt MOD is created to remove the player’s sprites from the gameplay and wear hats like assets found in the game. It makes it challenging for imposters to identify the player and kill them. 

Prophunt is now playable in Among Us. But it demands a high amount of work to play, and players in the United States are enjoying it.      

Prophunt MOD allows the gamers to stay concealed as the mini props on the in-game map. The YouTube streamers exclusively create the MOD, and it is both fun-filled and exciting to play with friends. 

Below you will come across all important facts about the Prophunt MOD version of Among Us. 

What is Among Us Prophunt?

Among Us Prophunt is the MOD version of the game Among Us, played by many streamers and YouTubers.  in the United States

The MOD ProThe MOD version creator confirms that Prophunt MOD is an amazing game to play for all playersphunt allows the players to stay invisible from the imposters with hats replaced by the in-game objects. If you are playing Among Us, you probably know that no player names above any objects and imposters announce who they are without unveiling their object’s identity. The imposters can easily eliminate all crewmates of the props while being a prop in the game. 

How Among Us Prophunt MOD is Played?

According to the modder video, the Among Us Prophunt has amazing gameplay, and it is hilarious. The game concept is unique, and all players are differentiated based on the props in the in-game map. 

Please note that Prophunt MOD is exclusively for the popular content creators and not legit for all. It must not be considered as the original version of Among Us. 

  • Players need to join the lobby in the game as an in-game character 
  • Enter the map and become mini props in the map
  • No names will be displayed on top of the props, and they are free to move anywhere on the map
  • Players can pass through the walls to find a suitable place to hide
  • The imposters who are the props start killing the crewmates 
  • Imposters will declare their identity at the beginning, but the prop identity will stay concealed
  • Assigned tasks need to be completed, and crewmates differentiate the props and win the game  

Final Thought

The Among Us Prophunt MOD is the fun-filled adventure game referred to as Hide & Seek mode because the players aim to hide as props on the game map.

The gameplay is quite interesting as players can see how imposters can walk through when crewmates stick to the wall and camouflaged as an upload button. Different task options are available within the gameplay. But hiding in masquerade adds zeal and thrilling experience to the new Among Us MOD.If there is something to add about the new MOD, please write it down in the comment section related with the Among Us Prophunt MOD.

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