Rumorkmn Site Reviews (Nov) Is it Legit Or A Scam!
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Rumorkmn Site Reviews (Nov) Is it Legit Or A Scam!


Rumorkmn Site Reviews (Nov) Is It Legit Or A Scam! >> This article is about a shopping store and find out how legit the site is.

At the Rumorkmn site, you can buy a wide range of products. Some of them include a recliner, sofa set, Gym equipment, dresses and apparel, electric scooters and gifts etc. In countries like United States, Canada, the standard delivery time is 10-14 business days.   But before you go shopping, it is essential to find out and see if the site has authenticated operators or is a web of a scam meant to trap gullible, naïve people. Check out the Rumorkmn Site Reviews.

Overview of the site

Rumorkmn store operates the website. All kinds of information, tools and services are available to the customer through this site.Before purchasing/buying an item, it is important to understand the ‘the terms of services’ and conditions. The terms and conditions are applicable to all the users irrespective of the vendors, customers, browsers and/or content contributors.

Without accepting the terms and conditions, a user will not be able to access the site fully.

Specifications of the Rumorkmn site 

  • The Rumorkmn Site Reviews is hosted on Shopify inc. 
  • The store provides an Ecommerce avenue that allows the purchase and sale of the products and services.
  • Before the product is produced or shipped, if, for some reason, the product does not fit the taste of the consumer, the site offers an option for cancellation. The amount will be fully refunded after the cancellation but before the shipment.
  • The delivery time is going to be approximately two weeks.
  • To post any queries, you can do so at
  • To file a return for an unsatisfied product or service, a customer should make sure that it is in the original packing. The return application should be filed within 14 business working days.

Pros of Rumorkmn site:

  • If you are willing to make an online purchase after reading Rumorkmn Site Reviews, the site will make sure that your credit card and other confidential information remain fully encrypted.
  • If the product or service is not in line with your expectations, you have the option of revoking or returning. But that should be done in the specified period.
  • The website also offers the feature of a full refund for any unsatisfactory product or service.
  • The site’s personal policy entirely governs the submission of private information.
  • You can shop for a lot of products on the website.
  • The shipping and the return policies are decently and neatly posted on the website.

Cons of Rumorkmn site:

  • The absence of social media reviews makes this site highly dubious.
  • Even though an email address is posted, it does not guarantee that you will be directed to the proper authority who can help you answer your doubts.
  • It does not have an HTTPS.
  • You cannot shop physically; you can only shop online. There is a possibility that you may be tricked into falling for any nefarious designs or conspiracies.
  • The email address does not look like a proper one.
  • Even though it talks at length about the refund policy, there are doubts if it is in place. For missing or late refunds, it talks about contacting the credit card company or bank but does not guarantee a personal intervention to solve the doubts about the problem.

What are the general opinions of the people regarding the Rumorkmn site reviews?

After going through the Rumorkmn Site Reviews, people feel that the site may be more of a scam because it does not contain any reviews. To justify the integrity of a website, it is essential to have video/documented reviews.

It does not have any means of contact information apart from having an email address that seems somewhat fake.

After executing a search on Google and Yahoo, no web pages are being displayed, which indicates that a cheeky group of scamsters may operate the site.


The site indeed offers or displays a diversified array of products. Many of those may not be available at your local stores, but you can get it from the website.

But it is essential to do full due diligence before you go for it. Every consumer should go for either Rumorkmn Site Reviews or try to find reviews on Feefo or Trustpilot for determining the authenticity of the website.

Do not forget to mention your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. 


  1. I just ordered from them and yes I am a bit nervous if it was a scam. As much as I want this item I am in fear of getting ripped off. Was hoping to read some reviews to determine whether or not I should cancel my order. Ugh!

    1. I already got fraud from this company and they stolen my money and i so disappointed even though I’m so careful about these things

    2. You will receive a cheep watch ⌚ instead of the items you had ordered
      So sorry for you and for me also because we have been fraud and got scam
      This company is fraud companies and should some one such as paybal be responsible for what happened to us.

    1. I didn’t reserved any of the purchases that I’ve paid for, the tracking number is not showing any details its just shows that is stucks and doesn’t move forward.
      I’ve read from others comments on this site all are talking about fraud and scam and fake web and company

  2. i want to no where is my order at . i order two ice maker #1 order # JHMO9713 BLACE …. order # 2 # HUG23561.. PLEAS EMAIL ME LET ME NO

    1. You will receive a cheep watch ⌚ instead of the items you had ordered
      So sorry for you and for me also because we have been fraud and got scam
      This company is fraud companies and should some one such as paybal be responsible for what happened to us.

  3. I too have not received my purchase of a nugget ice machine. I am very concerned about having placed this order. I received an email saying it was shipped; almost a month ago.

    1. You will receive a cheep watch ⌚ instead of the items you had ordered
      So sorry for you and for me also because we have been fraud and got scam
      This company is fraud companies and should some one such as paybal be responsible for what happened to us.

  4. I honestly think we all have been scammed. I can’t cancel my order & there isn’t a number or link to request a refund F**************

  5. No I have not received my ice machine that I ordered the first of November I have emailed 2Xs with no response. I have asked for a refund if they aren’t going to send the product. No response.

  6. Instead of the ice machine that I ordered, I got a cheap watch in the mail. It had the same tracking number that was given to me for the ice machine on the packaging. I contacted the company and they have offered me a 40% refund which I refused. They will refund my money if I send the watch back at my own expense. Don’t order from this company. Also, I placed my order on Oct 31 and didn’t get the item until Dec 11th.

  7. I believe that someone haz to be responsible for our frauds and what has done to us.
    First able how could be PayPal, (paybal) agree and dealt witb tbis companies or others who has access to our bank accounts whom they get accepted and approved to steal our money without even known that they are a scam or fake. They must be responsible for that because when we pay for our products we trust paybal and give authorized to our accounts.

  8. You’re a fraud company and I’m very disappointed 😥 of you

    Why you do that to me

    Are you satisfied of scaming and cheating people by sending out the wrong details or wrong stuff instead of the purchases that I’ve paid for,

    I’ve bought 4 items of realistic baby

    And what you sent to me ( a stupid watch ⌚)

    Is that good for you and when you steal my money, do you think that you will scape from the God punishment.

    You’re definitely wrong.

    How many people you’ve had steal from them and how much money did you make all that will be waiting for you in front of God judgements .
    RV511740749CN / that was my order tracking number.

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