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Justonlyone com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it a Legit Store? . >> This article gives information about an ePortal that sells numerous decorative and multipurpose items for your home at throwaway prices.

Who doesn’t like to decorate their home with beautiful yet reasonable decorative items? It is a double treat, indeed! 

Justonlyone com, an online shopping place, has a collection of numerous items that fulfil your needs for doing up your home. And there is more; the store offers worldwide shipping through ePacket

With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, Justonlyone com is trying to gain big entry into the United StateIt is also offering great discounts to expand its customer base further. 

Let us gather some more information about this eStore through the following Justonlyone com Reviews.

What is Justonlyone com?

Justonlyone com is an online hub that sells enviable decorative as well as many other useful items for your home. From Halloween decorations to Christmas decorations and many more versatile products for your house, this eShop boasts of a unique collection.

Their collection of Gnomes is very creative and cute. Gardener Gnome, Bare Buttocks Gnome, LED Light Outdoor Gnome, Shouting Gnomes, Toilet Garden Gnome, you think of it, and they have it!

One can also buy Double-sided adhesive wall hooks, handheld electric saw cutting machine, 3D personalized printer, and splash filter faucet.

Among other items, they have a Pet Hair Removal Massaging Shell, LCD VCR Dash Camera; Snowfall LED Lights, and much more.

These products also make for great gift items for family and friends.

Are you thinking about ordering with them? We strongly suggest that you first read Justonlyone com Reviews and then decide.

Specifications of Justonlyone com:

  • Product- A unique variety of home decor and multipurpose items 
  • Website- Https://www.justonlyone.com/
  • Address- Not given
  • Contact number- 800 2345 6789
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Shipping time- 12 to 20 days 
  • Shipping fee:Applicable and depends upon the number of items and destination.
  • Exchanges/Returns: Within 30 days, conditions apply. 
  • Refunds- Applicable if they approve your Returns 
  • Mode of payment- Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, and PayPal

Pros of Justonlyone com:

  • Beautiful decorative items for Halloween and Christmas 
  • They use SSL encryption to secure your payment options. 
  • You can track your order using a tracking number.

Cons of Justonlyone com:

  • Very general About Us page
  • Free shipping is available only on orders of $39.99
  • Very unrealistic prices and strikethrough pricing to impulsively lure customers. 
  • Quite a bit of information on their website is a copy-paste from other scam sites.
  • Confusing Return policy
  • Customers pay for shipping on returns.
  • No Justonlyone com Reviews by customers

Is Justonlyone com Legit?

Justonlyone com seems to sell very random products. If you click on their website, a pop-up says that their herbal beauty products are par excellence. On navigating further on their website, you can see multiple products related to home use and décor. These beauty and home merchandises are pretty unrelated. 

The About Us page of Justonlyone com is not at all brand specific. It displays information that one can easily take from any other website.

Also, their Returns section says that they do not accept returns on perishable items like flowers, magazines, sanitary items, and likewise. 

This is in complete contradiction to what they sell.

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to delve deeper into the store through Justonlyone com Reviews.

Customer reviews on Justonlyone com:

There are hardly any customer reviews for this webshop. The store also does not feature on any social media platform. 

Also, Justonlyone com does not enjoy good popularity on the Alexa traffic ranking system.

There may be two reasons for this. First, either the store is very new, or it is not popular with customers at all.

Final verdict:

It is undeniable by going through the Justonlyone com website that this online portal is not a legit one. There are many clear-cut pointers to this.

In addition to the red flags discussed earlier, the company does not seem to take any responsibility for returns.

They state that there is no guarantee that they will receive your returns. Therefore, they recommend that you use a trackable shipping service or purchase shipping insurance if returning an item over $75.

In this light, we have no other option but to conclude our Justonlyone com Reviews by warning you not to buy here.

Feel free to share your experience with this online portal, if any. Post your comments here.

2 thoughts on “Justonlyone com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it a Legit Store?”
  1. This website is a scam, buyers beware. I purchased a collectible doll and never received it. They provide a fake tracking number as if the item was delivered but the address does not match my address. This has happened to other customers. A total scam based in China. They also advertise on FB and other social media sites.

  2. I placed an order on Nov 2. Contaced them Dec 25 to see where order was. They said it was delivered to the wrong address. Then they said they gave me the wrong shipping number. Filed a claim with PayPal that got denied because they provided PayPal with the same bogus shipping number that they said they sent to the wrong address. Total scam.

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