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Ruben Lanao Video Twitter is presently at the focal point of consideration because of a supposed personal video that has been flowing on different virtual entertainment stages, including Twitter and Wire.

Famous for his abilities as an accordion player, Rubén Darío Lanao, who works together with Silvestre Dangond, has turned into a moving subject via virtual entertainment following the supposed break of a video showing him participated in close exercises with a young lady.

Notwithstanding the absence of any authority articulation from the craftsman, the video has acquired far reaching consideration, in any event, spreading through stages like WhatsApp. Reports recommend that without giving it much thought, Rubén can heard say “Arrubenchate” to his accomplice. While certain clients have called for regard for the security of those included, others have utilized the amazing chance to laud Rubén’s melodic gifts.

Who is Ruben Lanao?

At only 19 years of age, he is the child of the late accordion player Ruben Lanao Video Twitter, who died from Coronavirus. Known as Lanao Jr., he has emulated his dad’s example since early on, showing melodic ability since he was delegated lord of vallenato in the kids’ classification at 13 years old.

Over the long run, Rubén sustained his melodic capacities, seeking to play expertly close by Silvestre Dangond. Their joint effort started 45 days after the death of Rubén Lanao Sr., when Dangond contacted his child.

The spilling of the video has ignited judgment from a few online entertainment clients, with worries raised about the intrusion of security. Others draw matches with comparable outrages including vallenato specialists like Yader Romero, conjecturing whether this occurrence may be a purposeful showcasing procedure.

Before, Ruben Lanao Video Twitter was sincerely connected to María Fernanda Romero, host of the program “Lo Sé Task,” prompting hypothesis about their relationship. Notwithstanding, after a video surfaced showing them sharing loving minutes, their association was portrayed as transient.

In the midst of the hypothesis, Mafe Romero, examined concerning her relationship with Rubén on “Lo Sé Task,” later confessed to extreme liquor utilization, revealing insight into the circumstance.

The contention encompassing Rubén Lanao has reignited conversations about protection and the limits among public and confidential lives, especially in the domain of craftsmen.

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