Purple States of America Org (Nov 2020) Want Or Not! >> If you want democracy in America and do not want to divide it between red and blue, read this article.

We all are aware of the results of the 46th presidential election of the United States. After all ups and downs, finally the people got a positive result in the form of a new leader. Joe Biden won the election and is about to become the 46th President of the country.

He won with a small difference, and Donald Trump received equivalent support from the public. Most of the states are red, and the blue states are only a few more than red.

In this article, we will talk about the Purple States. Now you might be wondering what purple States is. Please read the entire article to know about Purple States of America Org and its link with red and blue states.

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What is a purple state?

In the United States elections, the states are either red or blue. The red States represents the Republican party, and the blue States represents the democratic party of the presidential candidates.

This year Joe Biden who belongs to a democratic party, won the election and the maximum states are blue. He won by a small margin, and therefore most of the countries are red as well.

What is the purple State of America organization?

The purple state is brought to us by the people who run E-town that is a radio program. The Purple States of America Org is asking people to reject the states’ current condition and dysfunction.

The organization uses live events and podcasts to make people aware of the world’s essential issues and the nation is facing.

Digital engagement is vital to people aware of America’s condition and how they can help make the country more and more lightning and powerful.

Aim of the organization:

The organization believes that democracy is essential to run any country, and if a state is democratic, it will share more information with its people, and solutions will come.

The motive of the organization:

The Purple States of America Org wants to make society more liberal and bring justice to people. It wants to make history an example of its current condition and inspire to get cautious amongst people.   

The organization’s team wants to teach a proper understanding that is thoughtful and the decisions to be truthful and defensible.

Who can join the organization?

The organization is open for all people, including members of all political parties, religions, gender, traditions, and ideologies.

What is e-town?

E-town is a community of people that is a nonprofit media. The Purple States of America Org chooses podcasts and radio channels to convey that message to the public. It 

also organizes cultural events and music events for the community. The host of the E-town program is Nick and Helen Forster, the founders of the e-town. 


The purple state’s final line is that it is a project in which Nick Foster started to make people aware of a democratic country’s benefits. The organization aims at bringing democracy to the country with the help of cultural and music events. It does not differentiate among people.

The Purple States of America Org aims to make America a democratic country with accountability, law, and information sharing.  

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