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Parlor Dot com (Nov 2020) Get Updated with the App. >> The article mentioned above is about a website where you can get access to the unbiased platform.

News helps us stay updated with everything around us. Various apps help a user get multiple updates about the world around them. There are numerous apps and news portals on the internet that allow a user to get updated with everything around them while being on the go. Parlor Dot com is one platform for providing news. 

This website is named as Parler.Com, but is searched mainly as Parler. Thus, this article will give you the news about Parler, and will also help clear the doubts.

We are going to discuss this app in the news article, news-based social media, and commenting platform. So, read on for this United States-based app that will help you be updated.

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What is

Parlor Dot com is one platform that promotes nonbiased and free speech. It is one social media platform that helps a user in the protection of his rights; this is one community where a user can protect their rights in getting real-time news.

Also, there are available moderation tools, which will help in filtering the content. So, the users can also control the experience that they have on social media platforms while being in there. 

What are the features of

  • Parlor Dot com will help the user in discovering news, sports, entertainment, and politics.
  • Also, the app will help the users to get their official statements as well as get the thoughts about the leaders of the community.
  • Through this app, the users will get to experience the media such as GIFs and photos.
  • Through Parlor, the users will get various options such as Share, Vote, Echo, Comment, etc.
  • There are also multiple options, such as moderate and debate, available on the app.
  • The app will help the user get all the notifications about the videos and headlines.
  • The app allows users to experience viral.
  • The app enables users to get a message every time someone follows them.
  • There are Parlays shared that helps the users even to vote or echo them.
  • The best part is that the user can get their profile customized with a photo, location, description as well as a background photo.

What kind of users are on Parler?

Some high-profile people are active on Parlor Dot com. There are high followers base that these public figures have on this platform. Though, the ordinary citizens of the United States are also available on the app.

Customer reviews:

We received mixed reviews from the users about Parlor Dot com. Some users found the app to be beneficial. While some of them think that the app is not up to the mark when compared to its competitors.

Final Conclusion:

Thus, we think that the Parler app is a great innovation that helps the user stay updated with everything that they want to know while using a social media platform. The users will get notifications about the world while being on the go through Parlor Dot com.

Have you ever used the app before? If yes, write down your experience in the comments section below.

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