Peraichi com Scam (Nov) Is It Legit! >> The article is about a website that is proffering landing page services and find its legitimacy.

Peraichi com ScamAre you looking for some best landing page services that make your eye-catching and impressive? Then, no worries as we have such a website that provides all such services and makes it better for the website owners to develop something reliable and unique.

The landing is the face of any site, and it attracts the user. To acquire the landing page of your dreams, you ought to know about this website option first. Thus, let us get into all the nuts and bolts of the website and learn about it more.  

The site is gaining popularity across the corners of the world, including Australia, United States, etc. So, it would be beneficial to get into the site and know the details.  

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A few words about

It is an online website that is available for landing page services and based in Japan. It is in existence for the last seven years but not popular enough yet.

Specifications about 

Some details about the Peraichi com Scam has given below.

  • The site’s URL links is
  • It has based in Japan.
  • Various services related to landing pages are available on the site.
  • The user can create accounts by linking it with Google and Facebook.
  • Four advanced plans are available, namely Start plan, light, regular, and business.

Services proffered by 

Peraichi com Scam: Basically, the site offers landing page services in three simple steps: select, create, and publish. Basic functionalities are free of cost, but you need to pay for other advanced services like start plan, light, regular, and business. 

Additionally, they provide some other services that include home page production and brush up to give reliable design and online shop production agency shops.  

Is It Safe?

The site is running for a long time, and we can’t call it a scam. But no evidence of its legitimacy has been found yet, so it is hard to say anything, but it has room for improvement for sure.

Customer Reviews

While exploring Peraichi com Scam, we failed to find any reviews about the site. However, some reviews are available on the official website, but they may be either fake or paid. The absence of social handles makes it too messy to find any responses from the users.

Final Verdict

At the end of the story, we get to know that the site is running for the last seven years, and we can’t call it a scam directly. On the other hand, there are no reviews available about the site that put it into the light of suspicious sites. So, explore it well before picking up any package and enjoying any of their services as the site is not up to mark even after running from such donkey’s years.  

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