Accu2020 Org (Oct) Get To Know About It! >> Give a thorough reading of the post to know all the necessary details, even the tiniest ones, about this conference.

Accu2020 Org: Want in-depth knowledge of computer languages? Want to get informed about the upcoming conference? Well, this article will tell you about the conference details like location, timings, and sessions. Moreover, you can also know about the upcoming conference and its place in this article.

Many people across various countries like Indonesia focus on programming languages like java, kotlin, C#, F#, and many more can go online and register as the registrations are open.

What is this Accu2020 Org?

ACCU is the most illustrious annual conference specifically for people keen to get in-depth knowledge of programming languages like C++, C#, JAVA, Kotlin, Groovy, and many more. 

Accu2020 Org: The registrations for the conference in the coming year 2021 in the United Kingdom are open now, and users can get their rolls done. Furthermore, it is more exciting to know that the ACCU conference is looking for participants interested in creating advanced softwares.

Where can the users report any problem?

If any of the users face any problem while using the organization, they can report their issues and get the appropriate solution. Well, to say the difficulties faced, users can follow the below-mentioned ways through Accu2020 Org:

  • Users should always write for the broken links in the websites relevant to ACCU and should never report their issues on the links mentioned in any online article.
  • The site accepts the complaint of any missed old news on the new website.
  • Users can further report the logging in, membership, website outage problems, or maybe some improvement ideas.

Future dates of Accu conference:

It usually organizes a conference covering all the C++ language concepts, C#, JAVA, and other essential computer languages. This autumn conference, which was supposed to be held on 4-6th October 2020, has been postponed. It was supposed to be held at the Hilton hotel for two days and consisted of three sessions. 

Well, the website is planning to organize the conference in the coming year in March. And the Accu2020 Org has intended to hold this ACCU conference in 2021 from 9th March to 13th or March in Bristol once the entire world returns to everyday life.

Final verdict

People in and around Indonesia who are interested in creating some softwares and even interested in doing some advancements in existing ones can now register for the upcoming annual conference.

This conference covers all the inner details of the different programming languages. Moreover, some pre-workshops have been held before the day of the meeting. This list of pre-workshops includes better code, introduction to CMake, jumpstart Julia and some more. 

Well, Accu2020 Org has shifted the focus mainly on TDD, BDD, Git, and some more techniques and tools.

Share your views with all of us here in the comment section below and inform us about your personal experience if you have participated in the conference before.

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