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Omattire Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Fake Or Legit Site? >> The article, as mentioned, is for a website Omattire that sells Indian clothes online at low cost.

We find a lot of websites selling Indian ethnic clothes online. There is also much demand for clothes from India in the world where people want to try these clothes for themselves worldwide. 

Today, let’s unravel a website named This site sells Indian garments all over the globe. But just having a good collection is not sufficient for the users. We have listed Omattire Reviews that will help you in a purchase related decision.

What is Omattire? 

Omattire is an online shopping platform that is based in India. One can find a gorgeous collection on this website. When we reach the website’s home page, we see a magnificent collection of Indian clothing. There are various fabrics, patterns, clothes, and designs that are used to create these outfits. 

One can find dresses like Tshirts, Sarees, nightdresses, etc. on the website. Each of the products is marked at an incredible price. Besides clothing, the website also sells a various piece of jewelry that is made up of different metals. There is also a category for bags. We find that there are sections for returns and refunds listed on the website. However, we were not very satisfied with the content mentioned on them.

Various modern pieces can be found on the website, though we became a bigger fan of the traditional options that the website has. For Omattire Reviews, we didn’t find the website user friendly as we noticed that the website taking time in loading. 

Also, there have been delays in getting a product opened for specifications. We also found specifications of products incomplete. Then we tried to find the owner’s information in the about us section. However, we will say that the website is not very transparent and upfront about the user’s knowledge. It was all for Omattire Reviews.

Specifications of Omattire: 

  • URL of the website: 
  • Products it offers: Indian ethnic clothes and accessories
  • Phone number: Not mentioned
  • Email Address of the website: [email protected] 
  • Address mentioned on the website: OmAttire, 400, Maradian Tower Godadara- 395010 Surat GJ, India
  • Returns: 30-days
  • Exchange: Yes 
  • Shipping: Free
  • Refund: As per the website’s policies
  • Mode of Payment: Various modes are listed. 

Advantages of Omattire:

  • The website has a beautiful collection available. 
  • The website also has fusion outfits available.
  • The website has a valid SSL certification.
  • Disadvantages of Omattire: 
  • The website uses free email.
  • The website doesn’t have a user-friendly interface.
  • The website doesn’t have a professional interface.

Is Omattire a scam? 

For Omattire Reviews, while researching the website, we found that the site is less than a month old. Thus, the site fails in our test of being old and reputed. Also, the site is absent on all the social media platforms. The website has no contact number mentioned on which the user can convey his issues to the company. There is also inadequate information provided about the owner of the website. We also found that the website has too low prices. If something seems too good to be true, then it is fishy.  

We even spotted the issue of plagiarism on the site. It is one thing that one should never ignore while spotting a scam site. Also, the site has no transparency about the returns or refunds. All of this proves that the site cannot be legit. There is a strong possibility of the area being made for fraud purposes. The website also uses a free email. It is one characteristic that no legit webpage does. Also, the website has a haphazard pattern. While loading the pages, it takes a lot of time for the website.

Customer’s review for Omattire:

For Omattire Reviews, despite continuous extensive search about the website to find some genuine customer reviews, we were left empty-handed. There is no review on the internet that can help in passing off this site as legit. Thus, we advise our readers to be cautious of such websites.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, for Omattire Reviews, we will not recommend this website to our readers based on the information mentioned above. There is a high possibility of a website being scam. We think we have to make you aware of such scam sites. So, be safe and always check about a website’s credibility before making an order from the website.

Did you ever place an order or come across this site before? If yes, let us know in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Omattire Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Fake Or Legit Site?”
  1. Yes I did purchase a product from this website on 28 September,2020 and today is the 8th day well I am even not sure I will get the parcel .

  2. Thank You for this article.
    Helped a lot.
    Was about to buy some stuff and one of my friend recommended to read the article before. All the points you covered are legit.

  3. @omattire
    Kindly provide details to track the order.

    It’s been weeks that I have ordered, and I have not yet received any emails about the product being packaged or either shipped. And I have already paid the amount of the product.
    I have mailed you regarding the same, no response yet. Please provide some details, or at least a common phone number, so that one can call and clear the query.
    No contact from your side, makes me believe that your site is a scam! I clearly liked your products, but this delay and issues are making me doubt whether I should continue shopping at your site.

    Kindly clear these things.

  4. Hello..not this site..but same products I saw in and I ordered the product..After I ordered I received email. It’s been one week but no response from them..and I didnt recieved the product yet..So please include that as it will be useful to someone who will check before ordering..

  5. Today I placed earrings order for my daughter after she was told by her few friends who also have placed in last 1-2 days.
    After payment, product was still showing in cart, there is no SMS or email confirming order by omattire, but only email from payment gateway Dropped email to omattaire, but no response yet.
    Looks to be fake.

  6. I bought something from omattire its a fake site…because i have not receive any order that i was placed before 15 days and i lost 199 rs. I also called on a no. Coming somewhere as omattire customer care thay were told me to share team viewer id that means they will have access to access my phone screen but i refused to do so..and cut call..because fir 200 rs i can take be carefull

  7. Yes I ordered, one saree and earrings. But now I didn’t get any reply from the given mail id also.. So what to do

  8. It’s fraud… I purchased with 1720/- of material through this site, I didn’t get anything from them except a confirmation mail from them…

  9. It’s fraud… I purchased worth 1720/- of material through this site, I didn’t get anything from them except a confirmation mail from them…

  10. Yes its fraud website even i purchased but nor I received my order nd no response through email.i mailed dem many times no reply , I payed huge amount literally crying daily

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