Is Lilicloth Scam (Oct 2020) Check The Full Review! >> The article is related to the online store selling clothes and other fashion products for both men and women.

An online store is one of the best ways to approach the product because it gives a chance to purchase the different styles and types of products with home delivery services. You don’t have to visit other shops for shopping. In this article, we will discuss Lilicloth Reviews.

The website is registered in the United States and quite popular in that region. They have a wide range of products at one stop. The website is offering lots of discounts on a particular product which you can also try out. The new arrivals of Halloween costumes are in the hot sale of the month.

So, let discuss whether it is Lilicloth Scam or not.

Is Lilicloth Scam?

Now the primary question comes whether Is Lilicloth Scam or not, and it is crucial to know about it because as from the customer point of view, we should see each aspect of the website legitimacy. So, we did a little research and found some mixed reactions.

The website has lots of flaws, but if we note the product’s recipient, then it seems that they do deliver the product. From our perspective, the website is suspicious, as we have got mixed reactions and feedbacks – both positive and negative, regarding the website and its products.

What is is an online fashion store that sells varieties of clothing products online at a reasonable discounted rate. The shop is currently running a flash sale by which you can get more than 2000 stylish wear at a discounted price. 

A new range of Men’s wear collection is also available, whether it Is Lilicloth Scam because of its cost price.

The website is also offering a 15% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter. You will find hoodies, shredded jeans, sweatshirts, stylish sweaters, tops, bottoms, and accessories for women like rings, pendants, hats, scarfs, and glasses in this store. There are lots more to discover, so let’s dive into knowing more about it.


  • Physical address – The website has no office address mention
  • Customer care number – We found no information regarding the customer care number
  • Category of the website – The website deals with a wide range of clothing and accessories for women like hoodies, jackets, glasses, tops, and bottoms for both men and women.
  • Email address – [email protected]
  • Payment method – You can pay out through all types of payment systems like PayPal, AMEX, JCB, Master Card, Visa, and Discover. 
  • Delivery time – Depend upon the products, the delivery time is dependent like for processing time. It takes 3-4 days to deliver the product in the United States. It will take over time around 13-25 days.
  • Return of the product – You can return the product if you don’t like it within 15 days of the purchasing time.

Pros of

  • The website is also offering its delivery services internationally; you will get the delivery in 7-30 business days.
  • You can even approach the faster delivery internationally within 3-5 days
  • All the buyers will get an extra 10% discount on their first order; please apply the coupon code-SUN10 to encash the deal.
  • The company is offering free shipping facilities if a buyer purchases the product over $99.
  • You can also visit the Facebook page to learn more about the latest fashion and arrivals.
  • Register to their daily newsletter to catch up with all the latest information about the offers and discounts, and new arrivals.
  • You can also track your order on track of your order section of the website and has a Lilicloth Reviews on your product.

Cons of

  • The website does not mention the physical address and contact number, which is not a good sign. It led to any customer to think about whether it Is Lilicloth Scam. We don’t find enough comments on their social media page, the imbalance of page likes and comments sounds fishy.
  • No information regarding the refund time, only mentions that they will refund on return of the product.
  • The website is not having enough external links because it is recently setup.

What are the customers saying?

The customer is giving both positive and negative reviews. Few say that they never received the product, and few stated that they receive the product and are satisfied. So, now it is up to you how you take whether it Is Lilicloth Scam or not.


The buyer is having a mixed reaction and response for this website, and by noticing their views on the website, we can say that the website is a doubtful one. We will urge you to take a concern before purchasing anything from this website.

Kindly share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

10 thoughts on “Is Lilicloth Scam (Oct 2020) Check The Full Review!”
  1. They are a scam they sell clothes that are not why they advise been trying too return with full refund refusing too due so its fraud and jam going too report them

  2. They Only Get 1 Star Because Zero Is Not An Option. ….. Item received was not what was represented on their site in either color or fabric. When I questioned them about it, they 1st make you jump thru a bunch of hoops with all kinds of info requests for info they already have. Then it’s send pictures of this and pics of that. Then they tell you item was shipped from china and the customer is responsible for shipping pkg. back to them. My package came from Illinois. And what I received was not what I purchased so shipping should be their responsibility. ….. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND ALL THEIR SISTER COMPANIES (There Are Many) ALL PEDALING THE SAME TRASH WITH THE SAME RETURN SCAM.

  3. I was searching for info. on when I noticed that Lilicloth sells the exact same clothing. Reason I did not purchase from ChicRos was due to the free shipping in the U.S. after 49 dollar purchase. My purchase was 50 and it was not applied. I did discover that ChicRos is based in Hong Kong. Both of these are advertised on the Yahoo news page. Last time I purchased an item from Amazon and it was from china. Cheaply made and totally useless. Do not trust any online companies outside of the U.S. especially.

  4. I ordered two items and was rather afraid I had been scammed when I later found the negative comments.
    However, the items came exactly as described with “Made in China” labels.
    From my own experience they are completely legit and I am ordering further items.
    I note their products are available through Amazon for those who would like the extra margin of reliability

  5. Placed my order on 10/26/20. Sub-Order NO: 712457 & 712458. My items came from “shipping department”, 216 Harris Ct, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Two items not at all as represented when I purchased. I have yet to receive a reply from the company regarding sending items back for refund. Will never order from again!

  6. I just ordered from this company for cute last minute (prices good) before I checked about company. I did fill in their info request about experience. Told them exactly what I like, don’t like, and will be on the watch. I might wind up eating my words yea or nay, but we’ll see. With Holiday shopping, pandemic, not going out causes lots of distress, disgust, decisions. I’m use to being an Amazon Prime customer.
    I definitely am working toward trying not to order merchandise from China, Cambodia , anywhere but the USA. Go Trump/ Republican Party🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. This company is a SCAM!! Ordered things before Thanksgiving before Christmas. Was told I would get tracking info when order entered US. Almost Christmas have emailed them twice with no response. Finally yesterday they said that my order was delivered to my condo in Wi by Fed EX and no one was there to pick up so they destroyed. I am a registered customer. There were no attempts to contact me and no note left by Fed Ex

  8. Ordered 3 t-shirts and 3 sweatshirts before thanksgiving for Christmas gifts. 1 t-shirt came in 3-4 weeks and I loved it, but disappointed it was only 1 and it took so long. Now Christmas is over and I had to buy different gifts. In these hard times who has the money to buy extra gifts. I finally, after more than 7 weeks, received 1 sweatshirt and I can’t believe the junk that it is!!! It is the shape of a sweatshirt but the material is horrible. It is a slick, nylon feeling material that reminds me of what cheap kids Halloween costumes are made of!!!! It is thin and see through so you would have to wear something under it just to wear it. I am afraid to see what happens when I wash it. This was supposed to be a sweatshirt!!! I contacted them via email, before I got the sweatshirt, and they said the other 4 items will be shipped soon and gave me a link to track the sweatshirt in transit. I am so worried about what the other items will be like. But I have read how much trouble it is to get a refund from them so I am waiting. But do yourself a favor, order from somewhere else!

  9. My mother received a package today from Return Address: Shipping Department 216 Harris Ct South San Francisco, CA 94080 she doesn’t remember ordering the items, I have talked to my brother and my girlfriend, neither ordered them. My mother doesn’t even remember ever looking at them online. 3 hooded sweatshirts, each one with a print image on it. The big problem is that there was no receipt or bill of sale in the package. she has no idea if she paid for them and more importantly, if she was charged for them, how much she was charged. we have seen like items on amazon priced between 22 dollars and 145 dollars, and there were 3 items. i told her to check her accounts, bank and credit card and look for the transaction or any unusual anomalies. but she is old and gets paper staements once a month instead of doing it online. i’m afraid she will be out alot of money. this is enough evidence for me to know this is a scam and if you receive a package from these people, you need to check your finances asap and halt any transactions you didn’t approve. God Bless You.

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