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Do you become suspicious when a new company becomes famous? It is a general notion that nobody achieves success and goodwill in a short period. Therefore, we become doubtful about the authenticity of services and products. “Ofx Scam Text” is an offspring of con-trick controversies and your suspicions.

OFX is a popular foreign exchange and payment service provider in the United States. It has received 4.4 stars on the Trustpilot website in a short time. Besides, the popularity has made an uproar for a scam controversy. You should read this post to know all details about foreign exchange, scam, and payment modes.

What is OFX

OFX is renamed after USForex and Transfers, OzForex, ClearFX, NZForex, CanadianForex, and UKForex. It stands in the list of “The Largest Foreign Exchange and FX providers.” The owner commenced the business in 1998 to provide companies and people with a cost-savvy and faster option to prevalent foreign exchange services.

Why is OFX involved in the scam?

OFX has gained immense popularity in the United States for its foreign exchange services and products. As per authentic review websites, the company has over 4.4 stars rating on its services and project delivery. The 6% and 4% one-star rated comments are transforming the popularity in scam controversy. It is how “Ofx Scam Text” originated.

What’s more about OFX?

We can refute “Ofx Scam Text” by giving you essential information. The company has transferred 150 billion dollars to over 200 countries in fifty-five currencies. It has a corporate building in Sydney and offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The company also provides an all-around trading facility via online and telecommunication mediums. It has a global banking network that makes them proficient in giving unmatched services and reasonable pricing. You will get better exchange rates, which will save you money as contrasted with conventional solutions. The customer care staff answers all questions and assists you throughout the process.

Why is OFX better?

The Ofx Scam Text is entirely a controversy that erupted from a minor customer base. OFX is a leading foreign exchange brand that provides you with:

  • Accessible 24/7 via online and telephonic mediums with adept teams across the globe.
  • OFX ranks among the most experienced and largest companies in the foreign exchange business.
  • It holds a massive banking network that offers cost-effective and fast fund delivery and collection.
  • The company provides exceptional expertise and customer service.

What are the fees?

The company has simple fee structures for all transactions. You can neglect the “Ofx Scam Text” news by reading the below fee structure:

  • Transfer: No fee is implied for deductions and transfers.
  • Exchange: 0.4% commission is applied to all foreign exchanges.
  • Other: ZAR and JPY charge some commissions on foreign transfer and exchange.

Final Verdict:

OFX is a reputed foreign exchange brand in the United States. We are justifying the unauthorized “Ofx Scam Text” news in this post. Kindly share your views with us!

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