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Do you want to know about a patient portal that lets people check their COVID19 test results? If yes, then do read on. 

We found posts online where people are enquiring about the Ga.getmycovidresults com. So, we thought of sharing the details of this site with our readers.   

In the United State and all over the world, many people are getting COVID19 tests. These tests tell them whether they’ve tested negative or positive for the virus. 

There are many websites that share test reports. It is one such website that lets customers keep track of their test reports. Here we’re listing all the essential facts about the site. 

What is

It is a patient portal for Ipsum Diagnostics. The website ga.getmycovidresults com lets patients view their test results. This portal serves as a one-stop destination for your COVID19 test needs

On the website, users can enter their personal info and the report id that is mentioned on the test paper to access their test report. The site also allows people to keep track of their test reports. 

Specifications of

  • The website is a patient portal for Ipsum Diagnostics.
  • Patients of this diagnostics can use the site for viewing the COVID19 test report. 
  • In case you’re unable to view your report, you can contact the support team. 
  • The site requires you to fill in your personal info and the report ID. 

Who should know about it?

People who’ve gone to Ipsum Diagnostics for a COVID19 test need to know about ga.getmycovidresults com. Whether you’re a registered member or someone who wants to take a look at the report without creating an account, the website lets you do that. Patients, as well as healthcare specialists at Ipsum Diagnostics, can use this portal to gain info. 

How does it work?

On the website, visitors can perform three tasks. They can either register themselves by clicking on patient registration, where they get to create an account. You can enter your personal info like email id, ethnicity, gender, race, etc. 

People who’re already registered on the site can click on login that lets you track and view the results of the test. Lastly, people who want to view their test report without logging in to their account or creating a new one may click on quick lookup. Here visitors need to enter their birthday details along with report id. 

What are people saying about 

The website has attained a lot of attention. People are sharing info about the site online and using it to check their test reports. Many people have used the site to get access to their reports. They share that it ensures ultimate convenience.  


Ipsum diagnostics’ patient portal, ga.getmycovidresults com, provides users with the COVID19 test report. The site asks the user to share personal info that it uses to fetch the reports of the test. 

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