Hope Hicks Mask {Oct} Get a Brief Review -> Know here how the mask is not useful for coronavirus outbreak!

We do not know how intentionally or unintentionally; Donald Trump is always in controversies and News. Have you read anything about Trump recently? Earlier, he was in News by claiming Face Masks for COVID-19 are perfect for losers. Currently, “Hope Hicks Mask” is a popular topic on many websites. 

Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom– these three countries are the hosting areas for Trump controversies and News. Many people are laughing at America’s President for his foolish statements on coronavirus spread. You can enjoy reading this post until the end.

What is Hope Hicks Mask?

Donald Trump has always resisting coronavirus protocols for US citizens. He also did not impose a lockdown in the state for containing the virus. However, he recently made headlines for saying losers use a mask to prevent the covid-19 virus. He did not stop there. He also said that law enforcement and the military are responsible for affecting Hope Hicks with coronavirus. 

Many viewers laugh at this News, stating that Hope Hicks and his ignorance are not related to the CDC guidelines. You can take this News as a funny statement, but it is a serious topic. Therefore, you should know what Trump has been doing since January 2020.

What has been happening in the United States for coronavirus?

All countries use the lockdown method to contain the COVID-19 virus within the state and save the world. On the other hand, Trump is asking the US citizens to live as they want because coronavirus is not going to end the world. Please read more of his statements below:

  • He downplayed the virus
  • Ignored mask-wearing culture
  • He also neglected social distancing protocols
  • He provoked citizens to organize rallies and stay close. 

Why did he say the shocking statement?

We all know, Trump never surprises us with his behavior and conduct on public platforms. He always tries to stay in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The coronavirus pandemic is a challenging time for the whole world. However, Donald Trump has a different take on this topic. Recently, the White House’s predicament is blamed on the grounds of law enforcement and military members. 

The blaming game is shocking and sickening. Trump is releasing statements suggesting that the military and law enforcement employees are the cause of Hope Hicks COVID contraction. At the end of the interview, he self praises his “GOOD” works for which citizens crave to hug and kiss him. Overall, the story is known as “Hope Hicks Mask.”

Customer Feedback:

People are mad with Trump’s statement on “Hope Hicks Mask.” They criticize him for his self-praising characteristic. The voters are recently protesting his government and deciding to change the president. 

Final Verdict:

Hope Hicks Mask“- This topic may look interesting and useful for the current government. However, it is about a foolish statement on the US military and law enforcement. Kindly share your views!

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