Leslie Stahl Mask (Oct) Get Deep Into Controversy! >> The article, as mentioned below, talks about an interview that stirred controversy.

A piece of news has recently taken the internet in the United States by storm. It is the news about Trump ending an interview. Well, whatever President Trump does, often becomes a piece of information. This time it was about him lashing out at the reporter for not wearing a mask. Let’s know about the details of this interview. 

Read on to learn about Leslie Stahl Mask. We are sure we have got your attention, so read on.

What happened at the CBS interview?

This interview has piqued the level of interest of the netizens for sure. It is about President Trump, who is angry at the way of the interview. He didn’t like the mannerisms, and as per the reports, Trump spent forty minutes with the correspondent. The one taking his interview was none other than Lesley Stahl. There was supposed to be a second segment of the talk about to be shot with Mike Pence, who is also the Vice President for Leslie Stahl Mask.

What went wrong in the CBS interview?

It all seemed fine until the first forty minutes. Post that, there was a break. In the interval, Trump decided that it has been too long for the interview. Though, the last segment was still shot but without Trump.

After the interview was done, there was a tweet from Trump in which he showed disdain towards the interview, which made Leslie Stahl Mask get in the news. He posted the video of the interview. Moreover, he talked about how Stahl took an interview with him without a mask for an hour. He also spoke about how he has more to share about this.

What is behind the mask controversy?

Both Stahl and Trump have been hospitalized in the past due to Covid. There is a commend on the tweet that says how the image is just after the interview for Leslie Stahl Mask. Also, this person shared that every member of the CBS team was tested for Covid 19. 

What did Trump say about the interview?

Trump was about to leave for Pennsylvania when he mentioned the interview saying how a one hour shot of the interview will not speak the truth about the things that happened. He made it clear that he wants to post it before it was supposed to air. T called the interview biased. It was not all; he even claimed the interview to be fake for Leslie Stahl Mask.

What was the reaction of CBS News to the interview?

CBS News chose not to comment on the interview or the tweet by Trump. The channel plans to air the interview on Sunday night across the United States. 

Final Conclusion:

Thus, the controversy stirred by this interview has made people more curious about it. We think that it is going to gain more TRPs now.

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