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Genexchild com (Oct 2020) Read to Know the Benefits. >> This article talks about a website that will inform you about the government’s initiatives for women empowerment and better health care facilities.

Are you aware of the step taken by the Indian Government for girl child and women empowerment? We have bought you the details that will inform you about the Indian Government’s actions to empower them and have a safe and better future.

We will be informing you about a website named Genexchild coma website launched with the motive to educate people about the initiative taken towards the betterment of a girl’s future. the tag line of the website itself says, Mother and Child Development Program.

The website is launched in India and is free for visitors. We have mentioned all the details in this article below, which will also help you clarify whether it is a safe platform.

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What is Genexchild com?

Genexchild com is an initiative by the Indian Government to discard the old tradition, stating that girls are inferior to boys and minimize the gender gap. They have mentioned the facts how can the same be achieved, and what all are the same.

They give you the option to fill the personal information stored and used in the future. The website allows you a membership number, which can be used to restore the data entered by the visitor.

What are the initiatives taken by Genexchild com?

Genexchild com has launched various programs towards better health care facilities and programs. They have also worked on multiple other programs, the details of which are mentioned below.

  • Oxxy Healthcare Program: 

The program was launched to empower the health sector and establish the largest healthcare network. Oxxy promotes massive discounts on tests, surgeries, and treatments. They also offer various other services, including free consultations by a doctor, medial loans at the lowest possible EMI’s, medical tourism, and many more.

  • Swastha Bharat:

The main motive behind this is to make India healthy. It promotes health camps in various parts of the country to encourage remote healthcare systems.

  1. Girl Child Development Program:

This was launched to empower women’s health and safety and also to make their future secure. Under this scheme, they offer Rs. Eleven thousand to each girl child born, which will be used by them in the future for any help needed. It is gifted in the form of a fixed deposit and keeps on adding the interest unless withdrawn.

What are customers saying about Genexchild com?

Many people are now a part of these programs offered by Genexchild com and have also taken the same benefits. They have appreciated the efforts taken by the Government, and even helping towards the same.

They have enrolled themselves for the programs, and an increase in the betterment of health care facilities is being noticed.

Final Verdict:

You explored a website launched by the Indian Government, named Genexchild com, to inform about the programs established by them to better health care of the country. They have taken some significant and efficient steps towards the same, which have proven useful for the sector.

Please share your comment if you, too, have enrolled yourself for the same.

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