Laura Fletcher Donna Summers.

Laura Fletcher Donna Summer (Sep 2020) Read the Reviews.  >> You will read about a podcast of casefile in the below information, one of the most significant casefile episodes.

The strip search scam of Laura Fletcher Donna Summers is one of the most prominent case file episodes ever created. If you want to know about the whole incident in a descriptive manner, you should read it. It is an incident in the United States. 

This podcast was written and researched by Erin Munro, and Mili Raso was the creative director behind this. The podcast is 1 hr 18 mins long.

Donna Fletcher took Laura Fletcher into the office of her manager, Donna, before locking her in the office behind him. She had told him that the policeman had indicted her of robbing a customer.

Laura was innocently told her manager that Donna has never done any sinful activities. Then Donna was screaming that he could never do something like that. Summers responded that the corps had called Laura a responsible person, and he was still waiting on the phone.

What is this podcast about?

Laura was a teenager and had celebrated her 18th birthday recently. In her final year, she was set to graduate as one of her university’s well-behaved and finest students. As Laura was very good at painting and photography, she took many advanced courses to make her creativity more successful. But her main aim was to study at a university.

Laura was a very well-behaved person. She regularly visited the church. When her mother left her job, Laura always helped her in her work. In January 2004, she started a part-time job at a fast-food center. On April 4, in the evening, Laura was preparing to leave her center to her home.

When she was set to leave, her manager asked her to stay for a little longer due to some more work. Laura thought that she would get some extra salary for working more, so she stayed there. 

What is the theme behind this podcast?

Laura Fletcher Donna Summer is on real and frictional crime stories. It also consists of sexual violence. And the episode is being narrated by an anonymous host.

Who all are the sponsors of this episode?

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From which all apps can you listen to a thin podcast?

You can listen to the podcast from

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Final Verdict:

Casefile has made a tagline for their podcasts that fact is scarier than friction, which is advice for the listeners that children should always stay from this podcast, affecting their mental health. And it is an incident in the United States.

Also, you can find all the relevant information about Laura Fletcher Donna Summer from its official webpage. Casefile has won many awards for their podcasts.

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