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Is Scam (Sep 2020) Some Facts. >> In the above article, you read about a website that sells a book written by John Crestani.

Aren’t we all interested in earning extra money, that too, by following just a few simple steps? is the website that sells Work at Home Secrets workbook that can help people earn additional money online by starting their own business. This book has become very popular in the United States.

However, some people are still thinking of Is Scam and are hesitating in ordering from this website.

Please read the following article on Is Scam to know more about this website and its authenticity. 

What is Work at Home Secrets?

Work at Home Secrets is a book written by John Crestani. This book majorly includes some secrets and scams that the readers can avoid while working from home.

This book helps readers with some tips that they can use to earn extra money. This book guides the readers with a series of steps that they can follow to establish their business venture via the internet.


This website is made especially for selling the Work at Home Secrets workbook. This website gives the option to customers to buy this workbook online at the price of $ 39.95. Many additional offers are also included with this workbook when purchased from this website.

How to order from

The customers have multiple options to order from this website as per their convenience. The first option is to order online from the website, wherein they can share their details such as name and address, and make the online payment, after which the order will be processed and delivered to their doorstep. 

The second option is to order via call, wherein orders can be placed directly to the customer care executives. The contact number to place the order is available on the website. 

What do customers get?

Once the customers place their order on the website, they are entitled to various benefits at the price of $ 39.95. Firstly, they get their work at home secrets workbook. Additionally, they get 30 days free trial, weekly expert business training, mobile access to make money from the phone, a VIP package that includes free advertising, social media, and a business mentor.

All this is included in the one-time payment of $ 39.95.

Is Scam?

With the fantastic offers available on the website with this workbook, many customers have been bothered about Is Scam. 

According to some reviews found on online sources, people have ordered from this website. They have received to book well in time and was packed correctly. 

The workbook has found it useful, and the tips have helped the customers set up the online businesses that have helped them make more money.

Thus, it can be said that this website and this book is not a scam, and users can refer to it to learn tips for earning money online.


With the help of this workbook and additional services available with it on the website, that too free of cost, people can learn to start an online business very quickly. These online businesses will help them earn an extra fortune, apart from their routine jobs or companies.

Do let us know about your views on Is Scam in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “Is Scam (Sep 2020) Some Facts.”
    1. I expect you would need computer experience and web experience to be able to navigate and set up this business effectively. The other drawback to this is after you purchase the work book, they suggest purchasing the additional course for $997.00. That is a turnoff .

    2. As far as i know you don’t need special interest skills, you need an email and social media account (like Facebook, Twitter etc ..)

  1. So im disabled with 2 kids. I have computer skill but have been taken by scams before. If I get this book, what else would I need to do to begin making money?

  2. As i have understood, you just need a little interest skills, as far as you have an email and social media account.. i haven’t heard that you have to pay $997 tho

  3. Yes, that is a tactic used by many “Real Estate Flipping” so called experts. And if this follows their strategy, there will be other and larger recommended increases in what they consider to be their “educational services” to you. Some of these other companies continually hound you to upgrade these services, making you feel as though they are required additional investments to prove that you are dedicated to your own success in their system. One such firm eventually touts their $50,0000 course which they heavily infer (but of course ALWAYS issue a disclaimer for a guarantee offer to) that you will make millions!!! Hope not, but sort of looks like what Mr Crestani may be doing here…

  4. is this a scam? cites like this is X a scam never say they are a scam they always say good things so this is X a scam is just another ad marketing nonsense

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