Jordan Willis Trade (Oct) Read To Know More! >> In this article, we will explore all the ins and outs of the Willis trade to 49ers!

Is the Jets trading Willis to the 49ers? Sources have confirmed that the Jets have traded United States-based Jordan Willis to the 49ers. He has played only 42 snaps without tackles for this season and was inactive in the past three games. The trade was due to the several injuries that have hit the Jets, and they wanted a player who can help them.

So, know more about this topic that give someone the cold shoulder and get deep into it. This article will provide you with all the details you want to know about Jordan Willis Trade. 

What is Jordan Willis Trade?

Numerous reports have stated that the Jets have traded the United States’ outside linebacker Willis, a 2022- 6th-round pick and a 2021- 7th-round pick. 

New York acquires Willis after a week of season 2019 while the Bengals released the 25-year old. It is the second trade in the season.

It shows that the 49ers’ requirement is for bolstering the challenged pass rush. A third-year edge rusher is joining the Niners.  

Is Jordan Willis Joining Niners?

A league source confirmed that the 3rd-year edge rusher, Jordan Willis, is joining the New York Jets- Niners. Jordan Willis Trade will not be established until next week because of the physical examination and ongoing protocol for Covid-19.

Willis will not be available when the 49ers (3-3) will play on Sunday, October 25, 2020, at the New England Patriots (2-3). The cost is not restrictive to the intent of the 49ers team. While checking the injury report, in this season, the 49ers have already lost many defensive linemen. Hence, the need for Willis is apparent.

Willis is yet to blossom prominently for the rest of the season.

Jordan Willis Trade Reviews

People are stunned about Willis being traded through these Jordan Willis Trade.

Willis, a 25-year old, who had three career sacks in forty-three games, left 0-6 Jets team. He joined a 3-3 Niners squad, leaving the group who was struggling for success, attempts of staying competitive in the juggernaut NFC West. 

The Jets have a continuous fire sale, and now Willis is the latest player on their way. The Jets send this new player to the 49ers, as confirmed by Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

Final Verdict:

A 25-year-old, Jordan Willis, has been with the Jets for around one year. In his NFL career, he has not done much. After analysing all details of Jordan Willis Trade, we get to know that 49ers, who are being devastated by injuries, want to acquire a player who can help them come over, which resulted in OLB.

Willis played 42 snaps in this season without tackles and not being active in the last three games. He is considered to be healthy in the worst pass-rushing group in the NFL. Since 2017, Willis (6-4, 270) scored 52 tackles, eight tackles for loss, 9QB, and three sacks. Jets will be sending linebacker Willis to the 49ers, who is being acquired in a trade.

For Jets, this is marked as their second trade, the first being with the Buccaneers recently in New York. Comment below to know more about Jordan Willis Trade. 

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