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Have you been looking chimes that add sparkles to your home interiors and bring banners, streamers, and confetti? You have come to the right place. There are various companies available in the marketing offering such a product. To understand its quality, many of our readers have asked us, Is Thumprl com Legit?

The product is available to sell in the United-States, and people ask similar questions to use it in their home interiors. Several companies are available in the market claiming to offer top quality chimes. Still, not all of these companies deliver what it promises. Therefore, we are coming up with Thumprl com reviews to help our readers know whether if they should buy it or not. 

If you are looking for top quality chimes for your home decor, make sure the read the entire post, it will help you make a sound judgment. 

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Is Thumprl com Legit?

As soon as you enter the website, you will realize that website is a scam for various reasons. The about us section says it to be a fashion and footwear store, which is altogether a piece of false information dealing with banners and confetti for baby showers. Besides, the images look of cheap quality, so does the pricing, even display ads, show that it sells clothing, which is different from what is being promoted. It has just over a 1-month-old domain, which further creates doubt in mind. 

There is a widespread belief that saying companies having a domain age of less than 6-months turns out to be a scam. Now coming to the positive side, it does provide SSL security to keep your data and information safe secure. It has all the essential information such as an address, contact details are available. When we consider the positives and negatives of the website, negatives are more, the website does seem like a genuine. 

What is Thumprl?

It is a one-month-old website, claiming to deal with fashion footwear. Moreover, it deals with banners, streamers, and confetti. It is an ecommerce portal selling such products at affordable prices. The website is one month old and is trying to increase its customer base across the United-States

Multiple websites claim to sell various items at a considerable discount. Still, many of them turn out to be a scam. Therefore several questions come to the mind of buyers. Is Thumprl com Legit? Or is it a scam, or the company is trying to food people around. Well! We can discuss several things to find out whether you should buy from this website or not.

Specifications of Thumprl:

  • Website Name: Thumprl
  • Website Type: Online Shopping Site
  • Shipping Time: 3 Business Days
  • Processing time: 1 working day
  • Delivery time: 7-10 working days
  • Cancellation: Not Available
  • Return: 14 days return policy
  • Refund: 14 days after receiving the return
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 630-776-7695
  • Recipient Name: Sandra Carella
  • Address: 2964, Sturgeon Bay, Portage, MI 49024 United-States
  • Payment Mode: Paypal

Pros of shopping from Thumprl:

  • Affordable place to shop
  • Exchange, return application
  • Refund policy
  • Timely shipping

Cons of Shopping from Thumprl:

  • One-month-old website
  • Looks like a scam
  • Not many customer reviews

What are customers saying about it?

The website just over one-month-old and is available for sale United-States. There are not many Thumprl com reviews available on the website and other online channels. Therefore, we researched more to find out more information about it. However, we could not locate any other channels. It could be because the website is new and people have not done shopping from it. Moreover, whatever information we could find out about, it looks fake and tries to scam people across the world. 

Final Words

The website is relatively new in the market; it is just over a month old. The website is trying to sell the products which are not popular in the market. However, it claims to deal with fashion items, but the listed items are different from what it claims to sell. Other than that, various websites are using similar platforms, making it nothing a clone to fool people. In case you have made any purchases from it, do share your experience in the comment section. If you want to ask questions, do let us know, we would be happy to help.

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