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Is Lenny Swim Legit {Oct 2020} Reviews For Right Decision -> Find detail about a website which is selling high-quality swimwear and apparel for women.

Are you fond of buying swimwear from different online stores? If you are reading this review post, you must have visited a trendy online store named store.lennyniemeyer.com. As more shoppers are using an online platform to buy all kinds of products, it took our attention, and we decided to review this website and find out Is Lenny Swim Legit?

This Store is selling stunning swimwear. All the products are trendy and fashionable. But before you shop from any website for the first time, make sure you look for all the legitimacy points. We found that this website is seeking the attention of many buyers, but people from the United States are showing more interest. 

This website is not new in the market, and this is the reason it has gained a lot of popularity. If you are not aware of everything about the website, this review post will help you know all details. Read the article till the end to find out essential details about the website. 

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What is Lenny Swim selling?

Lennyniemeyer.com is an old online e-store which is selling a variety of swimwear. You will find two pieces, trendy dresses, tops, and classy bikinis on the website. This online shopping store is 7 years old, and all the website was initiated by Lenny herself. All the products are new and of good quality. Premium quality fabric is used to design the product so that you don’t feel any discomfort while wearing swimwear and bikinis. 

Talking about the price of the product, it’s fair according to the quality they are delivering. Also, if you buy anything above $150, shipping will be free in the United States. There are many modes of payment through which you pay for the product you purchase. 


  • Type of site: Swimwear & apparel 
  • URL: https://store.lennyniemeyer.com/
  • Shipping charges: free shipping on orders above $150 (only in the USA) 
  • Email Address: care@lennyniemeyer.com
  • Location Address: Not given
  • Phone Number: 305-882-1003 
  • Payment Options: G-Pay, Visa, Pay Pal, Amex, Amazon Pay

Merits of buying from Lenny’s Store

  • This online shopping website is existence since 
  • All the products available on the website are of superior quality and are designed by a prominent designer. 
  • The website has an excellent social media presence with many followers. 
  • Many modes of payments have been introduced by the website. 

Demerits of buying from Lenny’s Store

  • Not much customer reviews are available online for proving the legitimacy of the website. 
  • Information about the owner is missing from the site 
  • According to Alexa ranking, the website is not much popular among online users.

Is Lenny Swim legit or not? 

The most vital thing before you shop from a website that is new to you is to check all the points stating the legitimacy of the website. While looking Is Lenny Swim legit or not, we find a lot of information that we are sharing with you.  

We found that this website has its own social media presence, where it has gained a lot of followers. A big list of followers on Facebook and Twitter shows that the website is going well. Also, we found that an overall 3.9 rating has been given to the website, which is not bad. Though we were not able to find many customer reviews online, no negative review was there. Overall, we can say that this website is legit, and you can invest your money and time on it. 

Customer reviews stating is Lenny Swim legit.

We did not found many customer reviews on this website. But yes, there are many customer reviews for Lenny, who is the designer of these products, and also the website is on her name. 

the website has a good reputation on social media websites, and we also don’t found any review, which states something negative about the website. Lenny swim reviews state that the website is authentic. 

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, we would like to say that we have collected all the information which is essential to know no about The authenticity of this Store. We found that there are few Lenny swim reviews online, but apart from that, the website has a lot of positive points. The website is 7 years old, and many people have shown interest in it. The products available on the website of high quality and made by a designer who is famous online.

It will not be wrong to call this website a legit one. We also want you all to share your feedback with us and write your thoughts about the post in the comment box. 

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