Is the Eip Card Legit 2020

Is the Eip Card Legit {May} Is This a Genuine Site? >> In this article, we will explore all ins and outs of EID cards due to the pandemic Coronavirus crisis and know whether it is a scam.

EIP Card Scam: Is Eipcard legit or not? In this article, we are uncovering the realities of the EID card and about the stimulus payment for people who are suffering due to the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. 

Are you using any card to fulfill your financial needs? If not, then use this card and get to know whether is Eip card a scam or not. Owning to this pandemic, the demand for Eip cards is rising, and the significance of this card is also developing to a great extent.

Not everyone knows all things about this card, so we are going to share all details about this necessary card during the crisis. More than 140 million economic impact payments are guaranteed by the CARES Act and issued by IRS to the residents of the United State.

Let us look at the in-depth of this card and get to know whether Is Eip Card legal or not.    

Is EIP Card legit or not? 

EIP card, stands for Economic Impact Payment Card, at, is not a part of any scam activity and a genuine prepaid debit card. This EID card includes all the money that you have received due to CARES Act. This card is sponsored by the Treasury department’s Bureau of the Fiscal as a division of the United State Program.

The government is providing this payment card to people who are not getting a cheque or do not have any account in the bank but qualified to get this stimulus payment. Money Network Cardholder Services send this card in a plain envelope with all detail info about the EIP card like activation, instructions, and so on.

What is EIP Card? 

In simple words, is a debit card that is issued by Meta bank over the visa network, which is known as Economic Impact Payment Cards. People, who get qualified for the same, can get $1200 individually to devasting the impacts of Coronavirus Crisis. 

Hitherto, the government has issued the payment through cheque or direct deposit. But now, they adopted this method to send the money through a prepaid debit card.

Let us more and find out whether is Eip card genuine or not.

Specs of the EIP card

  • The website URL is
  • The type of card is a prepaid card.
  • The site has sponsored by the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Fiscal Service.
  • The money gateway is visa cards. 
  • Money network Financial LLC manages it.
  • Metabank issues the card. 
  • The IRS Department approves it.
  • The contact number is 1800 240 8100. 

Pros of Eid card

  • Easy to access.
  • Provide relief.
  • Far better than the physical cheque.
  • Economic card to help people in coronavirus crisis.
  • It is provided to those people who do not have any bank account. 
  • It has no maintenance fees. 
  • It is simple to access info by registering the card online.

Negative sides of EIP card

  • It is only available to those who get qualified for the same. 
  • Charges are applied if you want to withdraw money or check balance, which is around $2.
  • Not for all people.   

What do people say about this EIP card? 

Many people got this Eip card from the United State treasury, and they feel relaxed after getting a considerable amount to fulfill their financial requirements. The best part is that people need not worry about their relief amount as if they do not have any bank account or not able to receive the physical cheque.

It gives peace of mind to the majority of U.S. people amid the Coronavirus crisis continues to curve down economic growth.    

Bottom Line

After knowing about whether Is EIP Card a scam, we get to know about all the realities by doing in-depth research related to EIP cards. 

Nonetheless, we are here with the results that EIP is genuine and a legit Debit Card, one of the favorable approaches adopted by U.S. Treasury Department.

Get the card and shop for free through the card number and pin.  

On the contrary, if you have a diverse view about EIP card or you think that it is a scam or you want to provide some valuable information associated to it, then do not feel hesitant to leave comments below. 

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