Is Money Network a Scam 2020

Is Money Network a Scam {May} Is This A Reliable Site? >> In this article, we review Money Network, an app that allows you to send and receive money.

The digital revolution has already occurred. Everything happens online these days, from shopping to talking with friends. So what’s stopping online money transfers? Internet banking has become common now. Every major bank across the globe has e-banking services. Now the question is, how do you send that money online? Which app should you be using? There are many apps out there which allows payment and receiving of money online. One of those apps is the Money Network.

Why Money Network? Well, Money Network allows you to send and receive large sums of money without having any additional costs. They have several countless benefits like transfer of funds to bank accounts, free payments, among others. Money Network has most of its user base in the United States. It enjoys a staggering amount of popularity and success there. It’s one of the most used money apps in the region.

In this article, Money Network Reviews, we’ll provide every bit of necessary information about Money Network, so that you can decide if it is your ideal online money transfer app or not.

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Is Money Network A Scam?

People always tend to have suspicions about things related to money. Money transfer apps like Money Network are no exception either. There are a lot of interested users who want to know if Money Network is legit or a scam. To clear all doubts that you have in your mind, we’ll answer this question.

In short, Money Network is legit. Money Network has been in existence for a considerable time during which it has collected a vast user base. Due to all of this, Money Network has made a name for themselves. Thousands of users use the Money Network almost regularly. Thus, to answer Is Money Network a scam? It most certainly is not.

What is the Money Network?

Money Network is an online money transfer website which allows you to send and receive large chunks of money utterly free of cost. They have a website and a mobile application that is available for all major platforms and operating systems.

They have several advantages like No-Fee account activation, zero-cost money transfers and FDIC Insurance. Their money transfer portal is encrypted and safe from any theft. With the sudden growth and popularity of money transfer apps, Money Network has also grown exponentially.

Money Network Specifications:

  • Website:        
  • Application:             Money Network
  • App Availability:      Play/ iOS store
  • App Category:        Banking, Money  
  • App Developer:      First Data Corp.
  • App Size:                21  MB 
  • App Compatibility:  Android and iOS
  • App Age Rating:      3+
  • App Price:              Free
  • App Rating:            3.7

Advantages Of Using Money Network:

  • They do not take any fee for the transfer of money.
  • They allow users to keep multiple wallets and keep track of their money. 
  • They provide alerts for all bank related activity. 
  • They have several offers like gift cards and scratch cards. 

Disadvantages Of Using Money Network:

  • They do not provide services in several major countries.
  • Their customer service is said to be poor. 
  • Deducted amount of a failed transaction takes time to get refunded.

User and Customer Reviews of Mobile Network

We collected several Mobile Network Reviews and went through each of them. Of all the reviews, there were both complaints, issues and praises by the users. We’ll take a look at both. Mobile Network received praise for not charging any amount for creation of an account and zero-fee for transfers of money. Users were pleased when they were able to spend vast amounts of money without having to pay any charge. 

Complaints included issues like deduction of balance even on a failed money transfer which took a lot of time to get refunded. Their customer service was said to be below average. Also, they do not provide their services in several major countries, so it’s not the best app when it comes to international money transfers.

Final Verdict

E-banking has now become essential in our lives. A lot of business and a significant number of payments are now made online. Governments are requesting people to go cash-free and use online payment methods. Money Network is most famous in the United States. Money Network is safe and not a scam. There are a few advantages and disadvantages, and it’s entirely up to you if this is your ideal app. 

Our readers, we assure you in our Money Network Reviews that it is safe to use this app. Feel free to use it, and if you do not like this app, there’s no shortage of options for you.

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