Is Rubcell Scam

Is Rubcell Scam {July} Reviews For Right Decision -> Here, in this post, we have reviewed, which claims to sell the excellent quality shoe eraser.

Keeping you any shoe could be a difficult task for you; therefore, we often look for such products in the market that can easily clean the grease, grime, salt, grass stains, mud, and dirt from the shoe without any worries. There is one such company named that offers you the chance to buy high-quality erasers. But before heading for the online shopping, you must check Is Rubcell Scam or not.

Right now, this online shopping portal is trying to create its footprint in the United States

We have gone through various youtube channels and read other articles where we got to know about the Rubcell Reviews.

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Do you think Rubcell is a scam?

Yes, Rubcell is purely a scam; the domain name of the company is very recent. So, it is difficult for you to trust such a company. Moreover, the website does not have its mail server. As the site is new, it is difficult for you to believe such a company. The website drives very little traffic on its panel. Moreover, the customer reviews are absent on the board. 

What is rubcell? is an online company where you can buy erasers that would clean your shoes. No matter what kind of shoe it is, all your sort of requirement will be fulfilled with just one click from the mouse. 

Can you list down all the specifications of Rubcell?

 The specifications of Rubcell are:

  • Hosted By
  • Contact Number: (304) 444-1298
  • Mailing Address: [email protected]
  • Contact Person: Badjo Cummings
  • Address: 15 Blossom Street, Savannah, TN 38372 US
  • Return Policy: You will get 30 days to return the product
  • Shipping Process: The product will be delivered to your doorstep within 7-10 days
  • Country: United States

List down all the benefits of Rubcell.

The benefits of Rubcell are:

  • Here, you can buy the shoe cleaning eraser at a lower price. 
  • The company has a customer-friendly refund and return policy. 
  • The company dispatches the product in almost all countries. 
  • With the order tracking facility, you keep track of your product whereabouts.
  • The website is SSL certified as it has a secured https connection.
  • The website has used creative graphics and engaging content to attract a right amount of buyers.

List down all the drawbacks of Rubcell.

The drawbacks of Rubcell are:

  • As per the company’s name, it deals in erasers that help clean the shoes, but it also sells the bathroom hook.
  • The website does not have its mail server.
  • The website has a very new domain, so sometimes it is difficult for you to trust the company. 
  • The website has not promoted itself on various social media platforms, so it will take a lot of time to create a niche in the market. 

What are the customer reviews when they purchased their products from this website?

Here, we tried to see if there is any Rubcell Reviews on any of the internet platform. The company deals in a very different product segment, so it might take a perfect time to trust the company. The company did not have a solid customer base, as a lot of people do not have any idea regarding the company. So we request all the prospective buyers to research the company and then proceed for the payment process. 

So, do not rush to do the online shopping from here, and we advise you to think twice before placing your order from this online platform as it somehow fails to develop the interest among the buyers. Though they have a return and refund policy, we cannot assure you that you will receive the product at your doorstep. You can check Is Rubcell Scam from your end as well. 

Final Verdict

Here, with the help of this post, we tried to review an online shoe dirt eraser company named, where we have put forth all the pros and cons of the company. Though the company has a very user-friendly interface, it somehow fails to generate interest among its potential buyer. The address mentioned on the website is not registered from the company’s name. So we check Is Rubcell Scam or not, and after a proper check, it turns out to be a pure scam for all the buyers. 

If you have also bought anything from this website, you can share your reviews with us, as it will provide some assistance to the potential buyers. 

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