Is Odunet Scam

Is Odunet Scam {July} Reviews For Right Decision -> In this review post, we analyze a site that sells various types of aprons for each use. Read now!

Have you made the mind to purchase aprons online? Then, it is essential to understand how to buy aprons from a quality site. is an online retailer that provides aprons of various textures and appearances. But, several doubts and questions may arise like is odunet scam? Is it advantageous to buy aprons from Odunet etc?

Never be hurry while shopping online as there are several scammers in the United States as of now. Also, it is not advisable to trust an online site without compiling plenty of information.

Whether you are looking for simple aprons or designer ones with different sizes, has everything you like. Let us look into the details to provide you with genuine Odunet reviews. We are sure you will be able to decide if the site is a scam or not.

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Is a scam?

The domain age depicts much about the legitimacy of the site. The domain age that is less than six months old is considered to be a scam. Keeping this in mind, we went on checking the domain age of Odunet site and found that it is just one month old.

The next mistake we found on the site is the fake office address. To know if the address exists, you can copy and paste the address on Google maps. This makes the use of this site risky.

Moreover, we came to know that the phone number provided on the site is also fake as we couldn’t get any representative online for our calls.

Providing the wrong phone number is the everyday activity of scam sites. The aprons are being sold at high prices. However, the images shown seems to be an ordinary kitchen apron with low quality. This point seems to be suspicious to bring doubts, is Odunet scam or not.

What is

Odunet is an online retailer that provides aprons of various sizes and designs. It is located at The site claims to sell a plethora of options in aprons like restaurant kitchen apron, black hot fashion kitchen apron, high-grade kitchen apron, fashion women waterproof cartoon apron, army green backing kitchen apron, chef kitchen apron, linen kitchen apron and much more.

The whole stocks are beautiful, and you will end up in purchasing one. But, be careful and decide if it is a scam by reading our Odunet reviews.


  • Located at:
  • Established in: June 2020
  • Collection: aprons
  • Standard shipping: 7-10 business days
  • Return policy: within 30 days of product delivery
  • Social media: Is not accessible
  • Methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.
  • Location address: Elizabeth Ruiz, 12327 State Route 124, Piketon, OH 45661, United States
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 8473722781

Advantages of buying from

  • They have a wide range of aprons for each purpose
  • The domain address is secured with https encryption

Disadvantages of buying from

  • The domain age is just one month old
  • The stock images are fake
  • The contact address is not detected on google maps
  • There are no customer reviews on the site
  • The website popularity is very less

What customers say about the site?

Being a one-month-old site, does not have a customer reviews section. The customer reviews on the website are quite essential to prove if the site is legit or not. However, there is a customer review on another portal saying that the site is fraudulent and warns not to purchase aprons from this site.

Since the website is too young, it is not popular among the customers who usually buy aprons online. This has paved the way for its low website traffic also. We hope you have got a clear picture by reading our odunet reviews here.

Wrapping up

There are many points to be checked before considering an e-commerce site for its legitimacy. Likewise, we have detailed every minute points of for you to decide before placing an order from them.

Make your choice the best, and go ahead every time you wish to purchase online. With the points mentioned above, we would like to conclude that this site is not recommended for purchasing aprons.

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