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Is Lifetimeism Clothing Scam [August] Helpful Reviews! >> The above article is on a website named Lifetimeism clothing, sells clothes for both men & women.

Clothes could be desire of many people and people especially women are shopaholic! Isn’t this true?

If there is one thing that someone can never have enough of, then it is clothes. New online stores are opening every day to shop for clothes within the comfort of their homes. Are you based in the United States and thinking of trying Lifetimeism clothing? Is Lifetimeism Clothing Scam? 

You must check out the Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews and know more about the authenticity of this web store. We have performed in-depth research about the various aspects of the website to help you know about its credibility.

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Is Lifetimeism Clothing Scam? 

We ensure that we have judged the website on various parameters before giving our review on any website. In case a site is less than six months old, there are high chances of it being a scam. Lifetimeism clothing was made only three months ago. It can be a potential scam site. Since, these days, most of the frauds occur by new shopping sites that claim to be legitimate.

However, there are other measures as well that we consider before passing off a site as a scam. A trustworthy online business that even takes care of payments online must possess an SSL certificate. This site has a robust HTTP connection that gives a few brownie points on the checklist of the authenticity of the website. But Is Lifetimeism Clothing Scam? 

What is Lifetimeism Clothing? 

Lifetimeism clothing is a site that sells clothing online. As soon as one opens the site, there are various options available for the user to click. There are also designated sections for the clothing items that make this website easy to access. Such as there is a designated section for t-shirts and tanks, blouses and outerwear, sweaters, and sweatshirts each

Right now, the website has a summer clearance sale going on. The price of the items is reasonable for most details, though, for some of them, the amount could have been lesser. There is a lot of variety that one can spot on this site. There is also a designated page for returns on the site that makes this site worth it.  There are great designs to choose from, and each of the clothing models is different from another.

The website also offers the users to sign up for its newsletter. However, when we tried to find out the owner’s information, we couldn’t find much apart from the email address mentioned on the site. Apart from clothing, the website also offers accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. But the question remains, Is Lifetimeism Clothing Scam? 


  • Website: The website sells clothing for men and women.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Contact Number: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Returns: Within 30 days of the purchase.
  • Shipping: All over the world.
  • Mode of Payment: Amex, Visa, Diners Club, Master Card, Maestro, PayPal, etc.


  • The site has an Http Connection.
  • There is a lot of variety on the website.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface. 


  • This website was made less than six months ago.
  • There is no owner information available on the site.
  • Non availability of the Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews 
  • No social Media presence

Customer Reviews: 

We tried to find some authentic and positive customer reviews for the website on the internet. However, despite a lot of searching, we couldn’t find any genuine user reviews to establish the authenticity of Lifetimeism clothing. It raises the suspicion, Is Lifetimeism Clothing Scam? 

Also, a few negative reviews of the website claimed that the users didn’t receive anything despite placing a prepaid order. Also, various users have claimed to have received counterfeit products. 

 All of this raises a lot of suspicion on the authenticity of the website. 

Final Verdict:

After going through an in-depth analysis of this clothing website, that sells women’s and men’s clothing online. We have concluded that it is likely a scam. There are no positive customer Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews  of the website on the internet. The website is also a new one.

The domain name of the website was registered just three months ago. There is no owner information available on the site. Also, there is no address or contact number that one can find on the site. We would not recommend our customers to purchase from this site.

We request to place your comments below so that we can work and research more.

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  1. I think I may have been scammed by them. I ordered, payed and recieved a text message with a tracking number. The app shop was what I needed to use to track the items. Last i checked my order was in the nearest big city to me and i expected it to be delivered soon. I checked the shop app again…no order number or order found. Same on their webpage. No order found. I’ve contacted them via email, so we’ll see…

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