Is Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand Scam {August} Check Review -> Now flip your hair with spiral curls created in a short time with a curling wand.

Have you ever wished to have naturally curly hair instead of being straight or wavy? Many appliances are available in the market to give you different hairstyles in minutes? But which one is worth it? Is Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand Scam? The United Kingdom women are searching for this answer. Our article will summarize the pros and cons of this curling iron in detail. 

To sum up our conclusion, Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand Reviews help us to a greater extent. The feedback from the customers helps us understand whether the product is legit or not. This article summarizes everything you need to know. 

Is Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand Scam?

When we see a curling iron, we always check the diameter to contemplate how much it will curl our hair. Therefore, we start this section to understand the legitimacy level of this particular appliance. Foxybae is the supplier of Rose Gold 25mm Curling Wand. This gadget is expensive because it costs 149 dollars. Besides, you can get an EMI offer from VIABILL that will only cost you 37 dollars a month until the full payment is recovered. 

Answer to “Is Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand scam” question can be found amidst the 4.9 stars rating from the buyers. Over 513 customers have posted pictures and videos of this wand to depict the quality of curls. It has a slender design and spreads heat evenly to curly every strand of hair. To us, the product is legit and loved by many women. 

What is Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand?

With a perfect curler iron, you can create mesmerizing hairstyles every day. You do not even need to visit a parlor and spend money to get a short-lasting hairstyle. The wand has a 25mm diameter that has a gold titanium coating to make gorgeous spiraling curls. You can make distinctive hairstyles with optimum fabulosity and least efforts. 

The wand can work correctly on hard-to-style, thick, and tangled hair. Just plug in the appliance, and you are set to go for styling mesmerizing hairstyles without any hair damage. It comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that enable you to curl their hair seamlessly and efficiently. 

Besides, it comes with a power plug that is extensively prevailing in the United Kingdom and the United States. It also has ionic properties that evenly heat the strands and minimizes static to keep the hair healthy.

Specifications of Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand:

  • Product Type: Curling Iron 
  • Price: 149 dollars
  • Stars Rating: 4.9 stars
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • Return: Applicable
  • Warranty: 9 months
  • Cord: Swivel 360-degree
  • Plug: The US and UK-based power plug
  • Temperature Range: Adjustable
  • Heating Mechanism: Even heat
  • Signature property: Gold Titanium and Ionic
  • Curl rod diameter: 25 mm

Benefits of using Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand:

  • Consumes less energy
  • Immediately curls the hair strands 
  • Work on frizzy and limp hair
  • It is a salon grade appliance.
  • Does not damage the hair quality

Drawbacks of using Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand:

  • An expensive little appliance
  • Can be heavy to use
  • It will only work with the UK and US-based power plugs

Customer Feedback:

To get your answer to the legit and scam question, we filter out the pros and cons of the Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand Reviews. Many women say that the curling wand left their hair looking superbly curly without any damage or heat burn. They have also posted pictures and videos to show accurate results on their intended hairstyles.

The product has 4.9 stars rating derived from 513 buyers in the United Kingdom. It is no joke for an appliance to get so many positive reviews. 


After researching on the customer feedback, we find the curling appliance is legit and safe to use. In short, we have a proper answer to “Is Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand scam?”. The product can be expensive but not a scam. Many women in the United Kingdom buy and use this curling iron to style their hair daily. 

The users claim that this appliance never damages the hair and style it in a short time. Besides, the heat is evenly distributed to make a spirally curl throughout the hair, ideally. If you think of buying this iron, then it is the perfect time to invest in it. 

What do you understand from our article? Please leave your comments down below. It would help us in connecting with you all. 

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