Is Kissy Bra Scam (Sept 2020) Reviews For A Better View >> In this article, get to know about the authenticity of the undergarments for women, which are available at desirable prices. 

Are you a woman who wants the perfect bra for herself? Now, people don’t have to go to physical stores to buy bras; there are various bras available on the internet. Are you based in the United States, Canadaand are thinking of ordering a soft and comfortable bra for yourself off the internet? Is Bra scam?

We have provided in-depth research about various aspects of this website to analyze whether this web store is legit. You can read our bra reviews.

Is Bra legit? bra is a web store that sells bras. One can find various types of bras on this website. The website claims to provide the most comfortable, best-fitted bras that will allow the consumer to keep all size-related issues away. We have compiled information about various aspects of the website to establish its credibility. 

Though, sometimes the website takes too long to respond or becomes unresponsive. It becomes difficult to trust the website that becomes unresponsive. It makes the user think, ‘ Is Bra Scam?‘ 

We tried analyzing various aspects of the site to establish its authenticity. The biggest issue is that there is no contact information on the website owner available on the website. Whenever someone tries to go to the page of contact info, it says ‘404: Not found.’ 

Also, the website doesn’t have a dedicated page for returns and refunds. The site has a single page that leads to a page for payments when users try to make an order. All of this makes a user get suspicious about the website.

What is bra? bra is an online brand of bras. The website claims to sell the most comfortable, right size bras. It is a single-page website where the user can go ahead and place an order. As soon as the user tries to place an order on the site, they will get directed to the place where they can enter the payment details.  

There are various benefits that the website claims that are provided by the bra. Various users have claimed that the bra makes their breast look plump, forming a perfect shape. Women have claimed that even uneven breasts look perfect after wearing this bra.

Various women have claimed that the bras have been comfortable to them, even during breastfeeding. Various women have even placed an order for more bras on the same website. But, Is Bra Scam?


  • Website: It sells various types of bras. 
  • Email: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Address: Not specified.
  • Phone: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Shipping: All over the world.


  • The products are currently in a sale. 
  • The products can be grabbed at discounted prices.


  • The products are not made of the right fabric.
  • The products can be ordered from other websites as well at lower prices.

Customer Reviews: 

We tried finding some authentic reviews of bras online to determine the answer to the question Is Bra Scam? We found that various women have liked the product and have claimed that they like the way their breast gets proper support by bra. Although, we did come across a few reviews where the women have bashed the website.

They have claimed that the bra doesn’t do any of the things that it claims to do, and the product didn’t work for them. So, bra has mixed customer reviews on the internet. 

Final Verdict:

We tried to establish the fact of whether bra is a scam or not. We analyzed various aspects of this website. The website runs ads on Facebook, which is the platform where most users know about this website. There are various women out there who seem to be satisfied with this product and have switched to bra instead of their regular bras.

Though various women have also claimed that this product doesn’t work for them, also, various women have bashed the website for putting out false claims. Various users have also bashed the website to mislead customers with information such as wired bras causing breast cancer.

Thus, there is a high chance for the website not to be a scam, but we would ask our users to be cautious while placing an order from the site. Also, we request our users not to place an order on the site till they are one hundred percent sure of its credibility. 

We think that this information is sufficient to answer the question Is Bra Scam?’ Comment your views about the same below.

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  1. I need to return my Package of 5 Bras. I have not opened up the Package that has a return address in China. Has anyone returned and how did it go? THe Man I bougth these for and was gong to ware around him died uuddenly 8/20/2020. So no need to look sexy anymore.
    Mahalo, Annie

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