Is Bushiba Buzz Scam

Is Bushiba Buzz Scam (July) Reviews For Better View >> In the above article, you read about a website which offers branded sewing machines and other products on huge discounts.

Aren’t we all get excited when we see branded products available for sale on huge discounts? 

This article is written to find out Is Bushiba Buzz Scam, the website which is selling sewing machines, keyboards, speakers, etc. from brands like Yamaha, Singer, Brother, etc. at a very cheap price. 

Households and businesses across the United States and other countries are ordering sewing machines and other products from this website and appear to be somewhat unsatisfied from this website and its products.  

Read the following article about Bushiba Buzz Reviews, which would help the prospective customers to judge the authenticity of the website and save themselves from getting trapped by the great discounts available on it.

Is Bushiba Buzz scam?

Based on Bushiba Buzz Reviews and the website, the legitimacy of this website can be judged. The website does not specify any contact details such as contact number, email address, address, etc. It neither specifies any policies regarding shipping, cancellations, returns and exchanges, payments, etc. 

The social media handles available on the website are false and redirects to the website only instead of social media pages. Customer involvement and testimonials also seem to be missing from the website. 

So, the answer to the question Is Bushiba Buzz Scam is a yes. The website is fooling and robing customers by offering discounts on branded products.

What is Bushiba Buzz?

This website sells sewing machines from brands like Brother and Singer, Yamaha keyboards, cargo racks, kayak racks, and Bluetooth speakers. They also offers these products on huge discounts. Shipping is free on all the orders.

A wide range of sewing machines suitable for both households and businesses is available at this web store. Different styling machines with multiple stitching styles and LED displays are also available. Some Bluetooth speakers have a built-in virtual assistant, such as Amazon’s Alexa.

The website offers a full product description and features of all the available products. It gives the users the facility to create their accounts on the website and shortlist the desired products. 

Specifications of Bushiba Buzz:

  • Website: Sells Singer and Brother Sewing Machines, keyboards, cargo racks, etc.
  • About Us Details: Not Mentioned
  • Shipping Policy: Not Specified
  • Delivery: Not Available
  • Exchange/Return: Not Available
  • Refunds/Cancellation: Not Available
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal

Benefits of Bushiba Buzz:

  • Huge discounts on all products
  • Shows Pop-ups of the recent purchases made by other customers with their location and product order, to persuade customers to buy products
  • Availability of branded products from brands like Singer and Brother 
  • Detailed descriptions of all the products

Cons of Bushiba Buzz:

  • Company introduction, contact information, address, etc. missing from the website. 
  • Shipping, Return, Exchange and cancellation policies not available.
  • Social Media handles redirect to the website only.
  • Limited payment gateways are available.

Customer Reviews on Bushiba Buzz:

The website doesn’t have customer ratings and reviews on its platform for the products available that can help to find an answer to the question Is Bushiba Buzz Scam? However, it does show small pop-ups which notifies the user about the recent purchases made by other customers, which specifies the product purchased and their location but does not disclose the identity of the purchaser. 

Based on Bushiba Buzz Reviews given by customers on some other sources, it was found that many customers did not receive the products they ordered even after making complete payment. They complained about the unavailability of the cancellation and refund options as well.

Some customers complained about receiving faulty products. Some reported that the website failed to pick-up the products for exchange and return, even after 30-45 days of acceptance of these requests.

Final Verdict:

Based on Bushiba Buzz Reviews and going through the website, it can be summed up that the website is a complete scam. It does not disclose any details of its identity, and fails to specify policies and regulations regarding shipping, returns, cancellations, etc. on its website. 

The links for social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are available on the website. However, these social media links do not function and redirect the users back to the website.

Customers have finally got an answer to Is Bushiba Buzz Scam, and hence they should not fall in the trap of massive discounts on a variety of branded products and save themselves from being cheated by this web store. 

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