Is Home Supply Legit 2020

Is Home Supply Legit {May} Is It the legit Business? >> The article consists of specification, pros, and cons, and return policy about the website name

There are several online shops available that are doing scam and taking undue advantage of the present pandemic situation. It is essential to take necessary steps before purchasing any products from the online shop. A fake online store will do anything to attract consumers. So, it is advised not to support these kinds of online stores.

In this article, we will discuss is Home Supply Legit or not, because there are several confusing articles available on the internet. But, we will only cover the exact point of view about the Few customers reported that the website is scamming buyers with fake promises.

We have found some reviews provided by experienced consumers, which is not favorable. The website is selling all the daily needs products and at a very reasonable price, which is looking unrealistic. The reason may be due to the present condition where the website is looking to grow some money in unlawful ways.

There are several online stores reported as a scam in the united state, and buyers are asked not to say about the malicious website. So, most of the consumers will get acknowledged about malicious websites.

What is a home supply store?

The home supply store is a legal website that sells household and daily needs products like soap, bathroom cleaners, facemask, and all the required outcomes. The reason why we are exploring this website is that few consumers have asked to review this website. They are having doubts about whether the site is legit or not.

We have also found some unsatisfied negative comments asking questions like is home Supply Legit or not. When we were researching the website, we found that in the contact us section of the site, only one email Id is provided for any communication, no further contact numbers, and legit office address is provided.

The office address mentioned on the website is not legit, and it is an incomplete address. When we searched the return policy, we found the site said that they are unable to return any products due to the present pandemic situation. It is not valid that a company will sell products and make no guarantee, especially in the case of online supply.

According to the company, if the item is sold, whether it is faulty, spoiled, or torn, there is no chance of return.


Pros of

  • You will find several varieties of products related to daily needs and for everyday use
  • All the groceries are available at one online shop, face mask, and drill machine is also available.
  • Apart from groceries, you will find building material, home decor, plumbing, and sanitary items, cleaning supplies, and floor construction material are also available.
  • All the product available in the store is provided at a reasonable price.
  • For more assistance customer can mail the company directly

Cons of

  • The most suspicious thing is that there is no return policy available currently.
  • One email id is provided in the name of contact, which is not necessarily a legit one.
  • One customer has reported this website as a scam. He said that he wasted one dollar to connect with customer care to a third party.
  • No contact number is provided; the office address is incomplete and suspicious.
  • It is evident that the owner is hiding the website’s details and not providing any facilities or sources that it can identify.
  • The website is not present in any social media page, nor having any external links or reviews about it.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • According to the website, the present pandemic situation, any returns on products do not allow. They have to care about the product by themselves to take any of the products as a return.
  • They have no return facility available now.
  • Once the product is sold cannot be returned at any condition.
  • For any assistance, you have to drop a mail regarding the query.


During our research, we don’t find anything positive about the website. The feedback we spotted was negative and not satisfying. Customers marked it as a spam website. So, we suggest that you should avoid this website and opt for another legit site. The rest is up to you and your decision. We have nothing to do with the We neither endorse any website nor defame.

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