Is Hate Class Site Legit 2020

Is Hate Class Site Legit [June] Is This a Genuine Site? -> In this article, you’ll get to know about the website dealing in broad product categories suitable for all the genders.

Are you searching for a site offering various range of products under one head? 

 Once you must go through hate class site reviews, which will introduce you to a new website you’ve been looking for.

Online Shopping is turning out to be one of the most convenient ways to shop these days. Be it anything, from clothing to accessories and even home essential items, everything is available on just a click.
Let us find out Is Hate Class Site Legit or not. 

Hate Class is also one of a kind. This website deals in all product categories, irrespective of all the genders. Buyers from the United State are appreciating the site over there and are happily placing bulk orders on it.

But Is it worth the money? You’ll get the answers to your queries in this article regarding reviews

Is Hate Class Website legit?

hate class site reviews show that customers are happy with the purchases they’ve made through this website. They are also satisfied with the product quality delivered and are appreciating their return, refund, and exchange policy.

All the essential information including About Us, Contact Details regarding the website is mentioned on it, which shows that the site is transparent with its customers.

What is the site Hate Class?

Hate deals in the products of all the categories suitable for all the genders. You can look for anything, varying from accessories to clothing on this website. These categories further include tops, bottoms, speakers, tools, bags, dresses, and many more.

This website also offers products at discounted prices, and all of them can be viewed under Featured Sale Category. Thus, this makes it more convenient for the buyers to purchase as discounted products do hit differently to them.

Features of Hate Class Site:

  • Website: Clothing, furniture, accessories, tools, etc.
  • Email: [email protected] Contact: 701-203-9440
  • Address: Sycamore Circle, Grand Forks, ND 58203, United States.
  • Contact Person: Nicole B. Brunet.
  • Shipping: Dispatched via USPS in 24 Hours
  • Shipping Cost: Applicable on orders below $100.
  • Return: Initiated in 30 Days of Purchase
  • Delivery Time: Within 8-17 Business Days
  • Exchange: Can be done until 30 Days
  • Refund: Initiated in 4-5 Business Days
  • Payment: Western Union, Visa, PayPal, and Master Card.

Advantages of buying from Hate Class:

  • Products of all categories available under one site.
  • Different modes of Payments Available.
  • On Sale Discount offered by the website.
  • Rush Delivery Option is also available, and the product will be dispatched on the day you place your order. 
  • Feasible Return, Refund, and Exchange Policy.

Where does Hate Class lack?

  • COD not available.
  • Shipping Charges applicable on orders below $100.
  • Product Delivery Process is very time-consuming.
  • Customer Ratings and reviews are missing.
  • Professional Management of the site needs to be worked out.

Customer Reviews on hateclass. Site:

One of the website’s loopholes is that customer reviews are missing on the page of the store. But this website at the same time is also available on different other platforms, i.e., Instagram and Facebook, and people have shared their views over there.

After going through them, it can be concluded that the customers are happy with the website’s services. They’ve appreciated the return and exchange policy and have also mentioned that the refund is initiated within the given time only.

They are also satisfied with the product quality delivered to them and also found them worth the money they’ve paid for it. Hence, this shows that the buyers appreciate the website.

But some customers are not happy with the same. They complained about their slow delivery process and mentioned that professional management is still a task to be worked out by the website. Different customers hold different types of reviews and thus mostly, customers reviews are not completely reliable.

Final Verdict:

Everything has it’s positive as well as negative points. It’s the same with Based on the reviews, this website is appreciated for its products and the policies it is offering to the customers for their smooth shopping experience. Along with this, some customers are not fully satisfied with the same and are asking for some more upgradations.

Thus, it can be concluded that despite the loopholes, the website is growing well in the market and can survive in the competition. 

We still recommend you to go through the website well before jumping to any conclusions and do share your views in the comments section.

0 thoughts on “Is Hate Class Site Legit [June] Is This a Genuine Site?”
  1. Hate Class 701 203 4490 telephone number is not in service and how did they instantaneously generate a tracking number with USPS on a Sunday ? I hope I didnt get scammed ! I guess I will find out in 8 to 16 days ?

    1. I am worried also that number is not a working number . Place an order yesterday and trying to follow up

    2. it is a scam i ordered too a few days ago 🙁 now u cant open the site anymore… and been trying paypal to dispute the transaction. so far no luck coz paypal keep erroring…

    3. hate class.comis a definite scam that goes first gaming PayPal unfortunately I had already spent to a $70 on two TVs but my bank accept my card off and on my report in to PayPal and I hope to God that they get to go to the prison for the rest of our lives at this time and day in age they’re doing this and the person on YouTube and go to the YouTube and it’s an Asian personnel Asians and I have nothing against Asians but that’s who they are you too busy even a lie so do not go to them PayPal everybody I pray that in this day and age that these people go to hell I’ll let you watch

  2. Same here, I received an email about my order that was shipped, but no confirmation from the website when the order was placed. Funny thing is USPS says the package was delivered a month ago, so obviously the tracking number is bad. Now the website doesn’t work. The email came from [email protected] and so far no replies to my inquiries. Stay Away!! I’ll be contacting PayPal to get my money back.

  3. I also ordered product and no receipt but from PayPal. It said it was delivered Before it was even ordered. No response from the email given. I’m getting my money back. So disappointed. The website is no longer working. SCAM

  4. I’m the same boat. Sent email about the bad tracking number. I have til Nov 20th to file to get money back through PayPal so will wait to see if I get a reply or my stuff.

  5. oh and by the way just I’m I’d like I said I was lucky enough to catch it before I have my bank card turned off and my bank reimburse my money cuz of that so yes there are scam you’re going to have to let you know PayPal has nothing to do with it there even defrauding them and your bank should give you the money back

  6. Bogus tracking number on a storage shed. USPS said it was delivered before I ordered it. How can that be? The site is a scam, stay away

  7. You definitely got scammed!!! I made a purchase on May 21 2020 and received tracking information for an item delivered on April 21 2020. Can’t contact anyone for a refund. Paypal says they spoke with the consumer and everything looks legit. SMH… I am not out of $62.46!!!!! Unbelievable.

  8. I paid for a bike through PayPal and a month now and no product. The receipt and item number is incorrect and PayPal has no record of it even though they took the money from my card. The customer service number to these people is out of service and no reply to my emails.
    This is a scam so don’t buy anything from them.

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