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Is Home Depot Mall Legit (Dec) Selling Home Products -> The article will give you a detailed review of a newly set-up website selling home-use products.

Are you planning to buy some home-use items from a new Webshop? You may find several absorb today on the internet, but many are fake. One such website that we will review today is, which sells home-related products. To know, Is Home Depot Mall Legit or a scam site, we suggest you read the entire review. The information available in this post will help you judge the webshop accurately. 

As you might be aware of how scamming websites are doing fraud online, and people fall prey to such sites quickly. Thus, we feel our readers must know about any new website that comes into existence. This website seeking home use items is exceptionally young and belongs to the United States of America. We will provide you with all the aspects of this site and give you accurate information. 

Is Home Depot Mall Legit or A Scam Site?

For a detailed analysis, we researched all about the website in question and found some information. The website is highly new and was set up only one week ago. There is hidden information that the owner has hidden by using a paid service. There is no association available with social media sites, and fake icons are placed on the website. All this information tells how this can be a possible scam. People may doubt is genuineness and ask, Is Home Depot Mall Legit or fake?

We analyzed it further and found that it has a lower trust rating and has negative reviews on leading review websites. It is essential to get all the detailed information on such sites before browsing or using them to shop online. Hence, we suggest you read further to get more information. 

What is 

The website which is very young and only one-week-old sells home-use products, those used in our houses. The products are at quite reasonable prices, and the shipping charges are also low. The delivery time taken is around 3 to 5 days, and the returns are accepted within 30 days. 

The payment methods used popping on the website are Paypal, Discover, Amex, MasterCard, and many other cards. The website of the United States has given an email id and office address, and phone number for the customers to contact them and make any query.

Specifications of

  • Webshop kind – Sellers of Home use products online 
  • Webshop Country – United States 
  • Shipping cost – Free to $17 (depending on shipping method)
  • Delivery time – 3 to 5 days
  • Returns – Open for 30 days.
  • Office Address – 298 Fletcher Pkwy El Cajon CA 92020 
  • Email [email protected]
  • Telephone – 619 401 6611
  • Payments – Paypal, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and other cards.
  • Social media – Nil

Benefits of buying at home depot

  • There are several products for home use available on the webshop.
  • The return window is open for around 30 days. 

Losses of buying at home depot

  • The website is exceptionally young to be trusted for buying any product. 
  • There are negative reviews available, making people ask, Is Home Depot Mall Legit or a scam site.
  • The owner has hidden his identity and is using a paid service to do so. 
  • There are fake icons of social media sites available on the website. 
  • Many web pages of the website do not work. 

What do customers talk about

People talk positively about a new webshop only when it is right in its services and has useful products to offer. Hence, we researched customer reviews and found negative feedback from some of them. People are also asking, Is Home Depot Mall Legit or a scam, and our response is clear. It looks like a possible scam site and can be considered suspicious.

There are no links available with social media platforms, and it is a rarely known webshop among people. Such a website is hard to trust and cannot be relied on for buying any product online. Thus, it can be treated as an untrustworthy webshop that is not eligible for scam free online shopping.

The Verdict

Concluding, we can say that the webshop selling home-use items is not a reliable one. People find it a doubtful website and ask, Is Home Depot Mall Legit or not? Looking at the various aspects of the eshop, we can conclude that it is highly unreliable and cannot be trusted for online shopping.

We suggest the readers beware of such a suspicious site and avoid shopping for any home use item.

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