How to Improve Your Home Security

Home security is something that many people overlook – we have a tendency to think that locking our front doors and closing our windows is sufficient. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case – and now with the nights drawing in, homes are even more vulnerable because of the extended hours of darkness for criminals to work in. Here are some easy ways to improve your home security without breaking the bank. 

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If the other tips do not work, you can at least keep your most valuable belongings secure by installing a decent safe. The key word here is ‘installing’ – if you haven’t fitted your safe to a wall or floor, then you have essentially simply collected up your expensive or sentimental items in a handy box for the thief to simply pick up and take away. You can find home use safes to suit a range of budgets, and for different use cases – deeds, documents, cash, jewellery, even data drives – and also for different locations, including under-floor, wall and in-cupboard installation. 

Outdoor Lighting 

You can combat the long nights by using artificial lighting in your outdoor space. Use a sensor-based floodlight, and if a criminal does approach your property, they will find themselves bathed in bright light – not only a deterrent for them, but a great way of alerting both you and your neighbours that something might be amiss. 


Modern security cameras are not only cheaper than ever before, but they are absolutely packed with great features. Infra-red cameras will let you pick up images even in the dark, internet-connected systems will broadcast both live and recorded footage to your smartphone, tablet or desktop, and you can even set the cameras to only record specific movement zones – negating alerts from passing traffic or wind-blown tree branches.  Make sure that when you fit your cameras, they are out of easy reach, or a criminal can simply reach up and tear it off the wall/post it is attached to, or move the lens so it is not pointing at them. 

Use signs or stickers to draw attention to the fact that the premises is covered by security cameras, and you will have a nice deterrent as well as a recording. 

Better Locks 

You can beef up your door security with better and more locks. For locking the place down when you are all on site, a dead bolt is unpickable from the outside and will add extra strength to the door itself, and you can use a combination of five-point ‘yale’ type locks with older style built in locks to add further hassle to the would-be house breaker – the more time and effort it takes for them to get in, the less likely they are to bother. 

Smart Equipment 

If you are going to be away for a sustained period, a good way of giving the impression that there are still people on site is to use smart linked devices. You can connect light bulbs, plug sockets and other technology to your smart hub or smartphone, and either manually select them to turn on, or set them on a timer. Anybody looking at your property will see the television, lamps or overhead lights come on, or hear the radio playing, and think that you are home. 

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