Is Scam (Sep 2020) Scroll Down Its Facts. >> The article outlines a website which is offering free V-Bucks to move forward in an online game. is a site that claims to offer a fortnite season 4 generator to claim V-bucks and items. It is an online gaming site. You can see many videos on YouTube videos where people are unlocking free V-bucks by playing this game.

 It is currently planning to do a significant giveaway in which it is giving away V-Bucks in the game currency. But what is the real truth of it all? Let’s find out: Is Scam?

What is going on with, when typed on the internet, produces no definite search result. It in itself is sufficient to answer yes to the question of Is ScamWhat is more, typing this website draws a complete blank! 

One may feel that no website exists by such a name. In such a scenario, when the site claims to give away free V-Bucks to play the game, no one should fall into their lure. The site and the game itself is operating from the United States.

Is Scam – Yes, it’s for real!

Many users have reported that the site is asking them to enter their username. They can claim their free V-Bucks amount only after this. After this, they are being requested to download specific programs to verify themselves. It is the tricky part, as here, the users are being coaxed into giving out their personal information. 

It is highly not recommended as such a site is liable to sell the confidential information of its users. As mentioned before, has not been able to establish itself as a legitimate website. So, users should be beware of supplying sensitive information to it to claim free V-Bucks.

Thus, the answer to Is Scam is yes.

Is Scam and YouTube – What is the connection between them?

One peculiar thing worth noticing about this site is that often, on typing its URL, the result directs us to a YouTube page. For some users, the YouTube home page has been opening up. For others, the YouTube page of a user going by the name of Outcast Venor gets opened up. 

We think that repeatedly redirecting users to the same page, again and again, is a smart technique on the site’s part to increase the number of views of this particular user’s page. 

Speaking of the user itself, we have not yet come to a definite conclusion about how this user is linked to the site

 As of now, this person has no description mentioned in the About section of his/her YouTube page, except for describing himself/herself as a ‘comp player’. Whatever may be the case, all this only lends more credibility to our assumption of Is Scam.


Is Scam is a thing that is going around in the gaming circle. We advise enthusiastic gamers not to fall into the trap of this website. 

The offering of free V-Bucks is nothing more than a scam to make users sell their personal information to the site, which the scammers are utilizing for malicious purposes. Everyone should stay away from it.

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