Liingo Reviews [Sep 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> Find out details about a website with the help of this honest review and then decide whether you should buy from here or not.  

There are so many options available in the market for eyeglasses. It can be not easy sometimes to choose the right pair of glasses for ourselves. Although we still stand perplexed on things like from which brand to buy? Is it safe for the eye? Is it going to fit me? What if it doesn’t suit me at all and I end up wasting money? Are you one of those reluctant buyers? Well, the below Liingo Reviews will surely clear out the haze in your mind.

The Liingo Reviews are unique all over the internet. The customers seem entirely satisfied with how the brand has been taking care of their valuable customer’s needs and preference for eyewear. The ultimate focal point of this brand is customer-oriented, which is a great sign. They have well-sorted sections, tabs on their website to choose eyewear that you wish to buy. They do have their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

The return policies mentioned on the website are fair, and they have kept the customer’s safety concerns into consideration. It is a United States Based company that delivers products all over.

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Is Liingo a legit brand?

It is a four years old website, and it had its last update in 2017. The Liingo Reviews are very overwhelming all over the internet, and there are no bad reviews whatsoever. The website is well sorted and easy to surf. They have also segregated tabs where you can choose size, shape, face shape, colour and material of the frame. The price range is quite affordable.

The website has a secured connection, and it is SSL protected, which keeps the customer details encrypted. The brand is hugely customer-oriented, which makes it a highly reliable brand. They have prescription based selecting options for glasses. Liingo also has SMS service for their customers, by activating it the customers can get complete information of shipping, promotional messages, re-order and in case you need any other assistance via chat.

What is Liingo?

Liingo is an online eyewear brand which offers enormous variants of frames, eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women. It has a massive option for different face shapes, patterns and material.

Suppose you are indecisive about the frames, even after having the visual try-on option done for yourself. You can get a home try-on option with upto five different frame options, absolutely free. In case you had to make any further adjustments after buying the frame, Liingo reimburses upto $25. They have 60 days guarantee policy as well. They accept PayPal or credit card options for payment.

The Specification of the website:

  • Product Type: Eyewear
  • Url of the website:
  • Email id: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +1510-241-4735
  • Shipping Cost: Free shipping
  • Payment Mode: Paypal or Credit Card
  • Return Policy: Available
  • Refund Policy: Available

Pros of Buying from Liingo Website

  • You will get a wide range of frame options according to your preferences and face shape.
  • It is a highly reliable brand. The after-sale service of this company makes it worth trying from this brand.
  • You will get a referral benefit, in case of a successful purchase by your friend.
  • If you cannot decide between multiple frame options, you can easily place a home try-on option for yourself for absolutely no cost. You can get upto five frames for home try-on.
  • They reimburse up to $25 in case of any further adjustments done by the customer.
  • They have well maintained the transparency of their brand.

Cons of Buying from Liingo Website

  • This brand is not recommended for those who have major eye concerns. Or unless customers have a proper prescription

What are people saying about this website?

There are only good Liingo Reviews I have found about this brand. Customers are pleased with the after-sale service and the quality of this brand. 

Final Verdict:

The brand is a legitimate one. The website is also upto the mark in terms of user-friendly, return and refund policy. They have maintained very customer-oriented services like free home try-on, visual try-on, and reimbursement for any adjustment, prescription-based glasses, 60 days guarantee, SMS service and much more. So any brand that keeps their customer as priority is a must try and highly reliable brand.

They are actively answering customer queries on their social media platforms as well, which levels up their credibility. They have maintained total transparency of their brand on their website.

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