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Is Fangeme Mask Scam (Sept 2020) Get A Clear View From Reviews >> This article laid focus on the company that sells innovative and reusable masks to its customers.

Do you want to buy a mask that protects you from all the germs and allergic items and, at the same time, does not deteriorate your looks and make you look smart? Is Fangeme Mask Scam or not will help you make the right choice and buy the best for you.

Do you know what proportion of the crowd is allergic to the germ’s particles in the environment? The scientists of the United States did rigorous research and found that a large percentage is affected. Many companies took it as an opportunity and came forward to manufacture masks, which is considered the primary means to protect against germs.

Thus, go through the Fangeme Mask Reviews and learn new things about the brand that is new to the market and see how it performs in the future and whether people should buy products from this brand or not.

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Is Fangeme Mask Legit?

The brand is new to the market, and many votes go with the question, Is Fangeme Mask Scam. We have points to support our statement we have made for the brand.

The company has not provided any contact details, which is a poor sign. Furthermore, the address which the company has mentioned has no physical presence on the location indicated.

Thus, we will not suggest people buy anything from the firm as it might not be worthy of the people’s trust. 

What is Fangeme Mask?

Fangeme mask is an online retail shopping website that provides smart masks and cotton masks. The masks are uniquely designed and advanced according to the trend.

The company provides face masks for all ages and genders. These facemasks are best in quality and affordable in price. They offer free shipping worldwide.

The website provides seven days satisfaction guarantee on all products. Also, it gives thirty days return and refund option on all orders. The customers get a secure payment option via PayPal. People asked questions like Is Fangeme Mask Scam, or is it an official website. We will be answering questions like these. 

Specifications of Fangeme Mask:

  • Link of the website of the company:
  • Product types in which the company deals: Smart masks and cotton masks.
  • Time is taken by company to process the products: All orders are dispatched within 48 hours after the order is placed.
  • Time is taken by the company to ship the products ordered by the company: The orders are shipped and delivered within 10 to 20 business days after it is dispatched.
  • Shipping charges: Free shipping worldwide.
  • Modes of Payment made available for the payment over the products purchased by the products: PayPal.
  • Return policy introduced by the company for ease of the customers: All orders can be returned within 30 days since the purchase.
  • Refund policy introduced by the company for the sake of ease of the customers: The refund will be processed and credited once the returned product is received and inspected.
  • Exchange policy introduced by the company for the sake of ease of the customers: Orders can only be exchanged if they are damaged or defective.
  • Name of the company: Middle Bridge Ltd
  • Company’s Address: 1010 Cambourne Business Park, , Cambridge, Great Cambourne CB22 6DP, United Kingdom
  • Email address as mentioned on the website: [email protected]
  • Telephone number as mentioned on the website: The company has not provided any data on this ground

Pros of buying products from the Fangeme:

  • Secure payment via PayPal.
  • Free shipping worldwide and order location tracking are provided online.
  • Unique and smart masks of the best quality are available for all ages and genders.
  • Seven days of satisfaction guarantee on all packages.

Cons of buying products from the Fangeme: 

  • No contact details are disclosed for customer support services.
  • No option other than PayPal is available for making payments against the products that the customers buy. 

What are the people saying about the Fangeme?

The company is new to the market, and there are not much information or data about the same on Google. The company is less than six months old and, thus, should not be trusted blindly.

The website has also not provided any customer reviews, which can summarize the performance of the brand and the likeliness of the same among people. 

The final word for the Fangeme:

The company has made an entry into the market recently. We do not recommend the company’s name to the customers to buy any product as we think that the answer to the question Is Fangeme Mask Scam is yes. 

4 thoughts on “Is Fangeme Mask Scam (Sept 2020) Get A Clear View From Reviews”
  1. Thank you! They have got in contact with me after many weeks and said there were delays! I only have a strange service emails, one being customers@ service.feelhearts and the other [email protected]. Despite the fact that they should have known my Oder details they were asking me how many masks did I buy etc. I then received an email trying to convince me that my order was being processed and a strange ? Invoice was attached with some Chinese lettering and numbers? I don’t even want to engage with them as I am afraid they might be doing this to access people’s information! I would not buy any thing from them. They also refer to themselves as Fangeme (Shoppyy)! Definitely a scam!

  2. I ordered a product over a month ago and still have not received anything. When I email them I get a generic response saying due to the pandemic there is high demand we are speeding up production. No response to the questions I ask. I would say they are definitely a scam!

  3. I have received the 3 masks today and they are a fraud. They are not transparent, they do not have hepa filters, you cannot see people’s lips. Misleading advertising

  4. I just received this email from “[email protected]

    Sun 1/3/2021 11:43 PM
    Dear customer,

    Thanks for visiting our store.

    Sorry for keeping you so long time. We are the Customer Service Center .You have bought product on our website.

    We received a reminder from the transporter that the package has been returned because your address is insufficient. If you still need it, please provide the full address again (with apt#), and you need to pay $10 postage again.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,

    Customer Service Center

    Note the Poor English structure of the first sentence and “… send $10…”notation. But to where? I had forgotten what I had ordered, and they don’t seem to know either. Turns out it was a mask I ordered from Facebook. Last time ever doing that.

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