Is Enchantcloset Com Legit

Is Enchantcloset Com Legit (Oct 2020) Scanty Reviews. >>  The article, as mentioned earlier, is for a website named Enchantcloset com that sells clothes.

Various websites in the United States sell clothing items online. However, not all of them can be trusted. It leaves the user with no choice but to run some mandatory checks whenever ordering from a new website. It helps the user to save himself from being scammed.

 It protects not only the hard-earned money but also private information such as credit cards related info. Today, you are going to read Enchantcloset Com ReviewsWe have tried to explore various facets of the website, understanding its features, functions, and legitimacy. You will also be able to understand Is Enchantcloset com Legit?’

This article will also give you insights into the mandatory checks you must perform before ordering from any new site. It will reduce your chances of being scammed.

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Is Enchantcloset com Legit?’

When a website has its existence of fewer than six months in total, it is a major red flag that one cannot miss. We tried to find relevant points for the website that could claim its authenticity, but we were disappointed. There are no customer reviews for the website. There is nothing mentioned for contact details. 

There is nothing said that could reveal the details of the owner. It is usually done when the websites want to commit acts of fraud and hide critical information for Enchantcloset Com Reviews.

When one tried to find the shipping and returns policy, it is again a matter of great disappointment as there is practically nothing on the site. The website doesn’t have any section where the users can give their feedback. There are no user reviews available for the website. All of this makes us question the authenticity of the website. It again makes us think Is Enchantcloset com Legit?’

What is the Enchant Closet? 

Enchant closet is a website operated in the United States that offers some great home decor items and clothing pieces. We found some beautiful details on the website that scream that they want to be a part of our wardrobe. But before that, we had to make some mandatory checks about the authenticity of the website. We found that the website lacks on so many levels. There is a shortage of relevant information on the website. Though, one can discover price being reasonable on the website.

We see the website has a good layout. At first glance, you will like the way products are presented to you on the website. There is a lot of variety. The website has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to place an order.

However, before you make any purchase-related decision from the website, we would advise you to read our review and know Is Enchantcloset com Legit?


  • URL:
  • Products: The website sells clothing, home decor, and accessories.
  • Time taken for shipping: 30 days
  • Mode of payment: Various
  • Time till which a user can claim for a refund: 30 days
  • Domain name registered: Less than three months ago.

Pros of Is Enchantcloset com:

  • There is a beautiful collection of products available.
  • There is a great variety to choose from.

Cons of Enchantcloset com:

  • There is no information about the owner of the website.
  • There is no refund or shipping policy.
  • The website is newly registered.

Customer reviews:

Despite a lot of searches, no authentic customer reviews can be traced. Had there been good customer reviews of the website, it would have established its legitimacy. The website doesn’t have any section where the users can feed in their experience with the product. It is undoubtedly a setback in the reviews. It makes us question, Is Enchantcloset com Legit? ‘A good website will always have authentic user reviews.

Final Verdict

So, we would say that the website doesn’t have the valid points that are necessary for passing off a website as legitimate. There are a lot of items that can be labeled as red flags. Hence, we would not encourage our readers to purchase from the website, as doing so might result in the user-facing a loss of money and personal informationIs Enchantcloset com Legit? 

We don’t think so. So, we would not encourage the users to make any purchase from this website.

In case you have ever purchased from the website, feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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  1. I placed a rather large order on enchantcloset last week. At the time that I placed my order EVERYTHING on the site was free, so I’ll admit, after building carts of multiple sizes to check shipping costs I realized that shipping was the same regardless of the number of items in your cart. So I got a little greedy. I ordered 50+ items. Chose the expedited shipping at $16.95. According to the track order method my order is scheduled to arrive on 10/01/20. I’m praying it shows up. I went on the website yesterday and started building another order, a larger order, Christmas is coming ok…. toward the end of my order my entire cart was deleted. Again, yesterday everything was free. I didnt feel like rebuilding my cart so I decided to wait. I went on the site this morning to rebuild my order and everything was priced at $5.99. I’ll try to come back and update y’all once my order arrives…. IF my order arrives I guess.

  2. I’ve ordered some things from enchanmtedcloset as well. Ordered it two three weeks ago and the order still hasn’t came.

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