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butterflyladyy.com Review [Sep] Another Scam or Legit? -> The website is a women merchandise portal providing some differently designed apparel at very competitive prices.

Are you bored with your editing wardrobe collection? Do you need some chic and trendy apparel at your doorstep via online shopping? Are you looking for Butterflyladyy.com Reviews? Then, stick with us, and we will unravel the reality about the site with an expression of words.

The website does look like a real webspace for shopping by offering such an attractive display of products.

It offers different summer dresses to other clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. for the women.

The appears to be gaining curiosity by the crowd of the United States

However, the portal lacks in the relativity section as even its revise does not provide any of its positive sides.

What is Butterflyladyy.com all about? 

It is another e-commerce website created mainly for women to provide excellent quality apparel and accessories at a very cheap or economical price.

But the website’s reality looks like a little different, although it does have some visitors from countries like the United States and others. 

But no one appears to be investing in it since it lacks any real or direct Butterflyladyy.com Reviews from any of its consumers.  

Although it does not reveal its ownership and lacks social media presence, its portal still looks well designed.

Specifications in detail about Butterflyladyy.com:

  • Website Type: The website is created for all the women’s needs, including apparel, accessories, etc.
  • URL: https://www.butterflyladyy.com
  • Address and Phone: Not available
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Shipping cost: It provides free ship on orders over $79.
  • Payment: It accepts online wallets and cards.
  • Refund and return: They accept returns in 30-day from delivery but do not pay for return shipping.

Benefits/ Pros of shopping from Butterflyladyy.com:

  • The website appears to possess a good collection of apparel for women.
  • It also provides free delivery on orders above $79.

Drawbacks/ Cons of shopping from Butterflyladyy.com:

  • The website does not pay for return shipping.
  • The portal lacks a firm security system, and hence the data can be accessed with ease by any hacker, including customer details and bank details.
  • It even lacks any firm company ownership or details about its policies.

Can Butterflyladyy.com be considered as a legit site or not? 

Butterflyladyy.com Reviews are providing clarity over the website being legit or not. However, there are not many direct reviews from consumers. 

Still, there are so many suspicious things about the portal, from unknown ownership to copied content on its pages. Even the product pictures that look amazing and tempting appear to be copied from other websites with a cheaper price variation.

So many scam portals are being run nowadays without many issues or being blacklisted. This one also looks no less than any scam site and is not fully secured to prevent any data breach issues.

What do customers say about Butterflyladyy.com? 

While looking for Butterflyladyy.com Reviewswe got to know there does exist some of them. But none of them appears to be from the consumers itself; instead looks like form the review portals. 

Sufficient information appears to be provided among those with no positive signs about this website. It looks like a scam site that might provide either low-quality products to some or either not delivering the product at all.

So it appears clear that the website tries hard to look like a simple site but lacks in providing a well-structured site and real products.

So investing in this portal appears completely risky in terms of losing money and personal shared data. 

Final verdict of conclusion

The portal looks like a scam site created only to lure some people and con their money.

Since it is not that hard to run a scam portal for years these days by wither providing wrong products being delivered or defective or nothing at all to some consumers, such portals do not pay for return shipping. That is mostly higher than the product value.

So such portals are designed in a way to befool people and run on profit-making without any customer satisfaction.

Such portals are not meant for realtime shoppers who put their trust on a specific website by investing and ordering things from it.

Do feel free to share your experiences below in the comment section. Thanks for reading our content.

0 thoughts on “butterflyladyy.com Review [Sep] Another Scam or Legit?”
  1. Their “[email protected]” email isn’t even real.
    It said “host or domain name not found” when I tried, three separate times. I ordered from them and was told I would be getting an email when the items shipped, but never received an email.
    A waste of time and 50 bucks.

  2. WARNING: Don’t buy from here.
    I did not receive the items I paid for and as soon as the shipping service claimed it had delivered my package (which I never received), the domain name was shut down and the customer service email was disconnected as well, leaving no other way to communicate with the shipper.
    When they charge you, the charge appears under the company name StarLink HK (Hong Kong), but I went to the StarLink website thinking maybe I could get a hold of the shipper again if it was a subsidiary of StarLink but they have a disclaimer right on their contact page that they have nothing to do with ButterflyLadyy, nor any other online store claiming to be an affiliate and “reserve the right to sue anyone who slanders them for false accusations” (in other words, “don’t go around bashing us because we have nothing to do with it”).
    I have read other online reviews from ButterflyLadyy cutomers where they had actually received the items that they had ordered though they were of extremely poor quality and not at all as advertised on the site. So I suppose they aren’t just charging and disappearing all the time, since some people actually received items even if they weren’t exactly what was paid for. Either way, not a good outcome.
    The truly bizarre bit, is that the customer service rep was very attentive the whole time up until my package was “delivered”- they even refunded me for an item in my order that they said they found a manufacturing defect in and therefore could not be shipped…If you’re scamming me for money- why would you return $60??
    What can I say? They got me.

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