How to Be Mini in Among Us (Nov) Know More Here! >> In this article, you will get information about the latest November’s Mod version of among us game.

How to Be Mini in Among UsAfter launching the game, it has gained worldwide popularity within two years. Further, this is a simple game based on a space theme. That’s why everyone loved this game. Also, this game provides additional features to upgrade the player’s characters with pets and skins. It is a tricky game famous in the United States, United Kingdom

Moreover, the UK is the second-largest country with the highest downloads.

Besides this, to enable the skins and pets in the game, gamers must pay for them. But some game developers made the Mod versions of this game in which they can use as many skins as they want and pets without extra any cost.

These Mod versions are available on the internet, but new videos got viral on the internet in which crewmates and pets are mini. Let us help you with How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us online game.

What is mini crewmates and pet in Among us?

Recently a game developer creates a MOD version of this game. In this version, the game characters are of small size rather than the original version size. You can choose free skins, free pats, and free hats without paying for them in this version. Further, these pets and hats are also of mini in size.

Further, with the small crewmate in ships, characters hide behind them, and imposter cannot see them. These mini crewmates look cute, and every lover of among us game wants to try these small crew members. Let us help you in How to Be Mini in Among Us game.

What do you do to be mini in among us?

Now on the internet, there are many versions of Among Us Mod is available like mini crewmate, play with 100 mini crewmates, and many other types of MOD available like among us frees skin and among us free pets.

Now people are crazy about the mini crew mate mod because you can change skin and pets’ color. Furthermore, you can also get free hats in it. Are you interested in a mini crewmate? Let us help you in How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us in the following steps?

First of all, download the Mod version of mini crewmate from the internet. After downloading on mobile, install this Mod version. It will ask for permission to install Among Us updates, then click on Yes and wait. After installing, open the game, check the crew if it is mini, and then enjoy it. If not, then restart your mobile phone and clear the old cache memory.  

Final verdict

It is not an official version, so these may contain bugs for your mobile and steal your personal information. So we do not suggest using the MOD version of the game.For further information for How to Be Mini in Among Uscontact us via the comment section.

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