How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us (Nov) A New Animation! >> If you want to know the best pet options available in the game and buy a mini crewmate, read this article.

Do you like to play thriller games like the one in which you play as a detective? Are you aware of the game among us from the United States? If yes, then read the information on How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us.’

This article will share tips about the game and how you can win if you are a crewmate or an imposter. We will share information on how you can get a pet and choose amongst the different choices available.

We’ll get to know how you can choose the pad mini crewmate and other game cheats to win the game. The game is exciting, and you will play more like a detective role if you are a crewmate.

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What is among us game?

Among us is a game consisting of two teams: the crewmates and the second is the imposters. Also, read How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us,’ and you do not decide that you want to play from which team; instead, the game decides your team. The crewmates’ role is to finish all the game tasks, and the second important role is to find out the impostors who are hidden within your team and throw them out of the game.

All the members will vote for the person they think can be an imposter, and the person who gets the maximum vote will be thrown out of the game.

How to get the pet in the game?

The game from the United States is unique and attractive, and therefore you can choose what you want to wear. Now, read How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us,’ and all the players have different suit colors according to the characters, and the accessories differ from player to player. 

The players’ look is an essential part of the game, and therefore game cheats and more money in the game are essential. Hamster is a kind of pet that you can buy in the game with the help of cash. Pets are so much fun in the game, and they will always make the environment fun full.

The cost of the pet bundle is around 2.99 dollars on all the platforms. On the PC you can find the add ons where is if you are playing on mobile then you have to buy it from the store. 

Read How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us further.

How to get a mini crewmate?

The bundle has five options: bedcrab, hamster, brain slug, stickmin, and mini crewmate. For each bundle costing 2.99 dollars, you will get two pets.

To buy the pet, you have to go to the customization menu while interacting with the PC, and you will see your pet is waiting in the tab after you make the payment. You have to select the mini crewmate in the pet tab, and you get it.


The article is about getting a pet for yourselves in the game. There are five pet options available in the game, and for each pet bundle, you will get two pets, which you can select as per your preference. 

The article was the answer to How to Be Mini Crewmate in Among Us.’ Each bundle’s cost is 2.99 dollars, and these creatures are the most fun-loving and loyal in the whole game. 

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