Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error (Nov) Error Appears! >> In this article, we will explore about an error while printing the ballots!

Are you among those voters who received duplicate absentee ballot? More than 1400 voters in Virginia received duplicate ballots of absentees. In recent weeks, it happened due to the clerical errors in the United States.The error was because of the printing problem by the clerks. However, the election officials stated that a single ballot would be counted for every voter.

Besides, the election officials in the Fairfax County stated in the largest jurisdiction of the state that the Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error occurred due to the address labels. The addresses of the absentee ballot resulted in inadvertently mailing out extra ballots by the workers.This article will help you know all the details of the clerical error in the ballots. 

What is Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error?

Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error is a printing mistake by the workers. A similar issue occurred while printing the labels in the city of Richmond and Henrico CountyGary Scott, the general registrar, stated that the printer misaligned the addresses on some of the labels. However, the duplicate absentee ballots were more than 1400. 

Why did Are Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error Occurred?

Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error occurred due to the problem in the printer, which misaligned the address on a few labels. The software of the printer did not allow individual printing of labels. Hence, every time the issue occurred; the workers had to reproduce seventy labels in a new batch each time.

What Are The Necessary Safeguards Taken By The Election Officials?

After the occurrence of Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error, election officials ensured safeguards that only a single ballot would be counted for each voter.

The election officials said that each ballot cast by the voter in the Virginia, United States would be recorded into the verification of the state.

Hence, if any voter in Virginia will try to vote again with its same identification, the verification system will reject the extra ballot. The additional vote will be regarded as invalid.


Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error: Every election has some issues, and the same occurred in Virginia. Besides, there were similar issues in the city of Richmond and Henrico County. This county process around 17,000 already has mailed out around 39,000 ballots of absentees so far. It happened due to the lousy printer with a low toner.

The general registrar of Henrico County, Mark Coakley stated the likeliness of more errors of the workers is due to this year’s absentee ballots’ increased demand.

Coakley accepted his mistake that it happened due to him as he tried to print the labels faster to save the money used for the toner.

While the Fairfax Virginia Clerical Error occurred due to the misalignment of the addresses of the labels, besides, the printer’s software could not print an individual label. Hence, the workers had to print a fresh batch of seventy labels, each time the issue happened.

However, the election officials have ensured the safeguards so that the verification system will reject the extra ballot and will consider it as invalid.

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