Fairfax Clerical Error (Nov) What The Error Is? >> As mentioned below, the article talks about a clerical error in Fairfax during the time of the election.

The election is the time of chaos. It is the time when people are just anticipating the results. But then, it is also the time when a lot of errors occur. So, we are talking about the current elections in the United States. Yes, we are referring to the Fairfax Clerical ErrorRead on to know all about it in this article.

What is Fairfax Clerical Error?

Recently in Virginia, there have been 140o0 voters who got duplicate absentee ballots in the past few weeks. However, the election officials continue to speak of only one franchise for one person that will get counted. The officials in Fairfax have talked about how a printing problem in the absentee ballot address labels made the election workers to mail the extra ballots to the 1000 county voters for Fairfax Clerical Error.

What happened in Henrico?

People noticed the same problem in Henrico. The people saw a problem with the printing labels with a smaller number of voters in Henrico and Richmond. The users have blamed the errors on the absentee ballots and early election voting. There have been concerns regarding the current pandemic outbreak; it is a sign of worry for people to gather in large numbers anywhere. Read on to know more about Fairfax Clerical Error.

The general registrar in Henrico blamed Mark Coakley, stating that they have never seen such a volume before. He thinks that the problem in his country is due to a lousy county printer. As per him, the printer was low on toner. He claimed that his office has stopped using the machine, and now they are using a more reliable device to print the documents.

What happened in Fairfax?

In Fairfax, a county printer did the misalignment of the address on some of the labels. As the printer’s software didn’t allow printing the individual brands, the county workers had to create a fresh batch of 70 tags every time this error occurred. However, in some cases, the workers applied the entire collection again that resulted in duplicates. However, the election officials claim that only one ballot will be counted per voter. Continue reading for Fairfax Clerical Error.

What did the Election officials have to say on Fairfax Clerical Error?

The election officials claim that if someone tried to vote more than once, it would get a recording in the State Verification System, and the system will reject the extra voting as per the Republican Party. The duplicate absentee ballots will point towards the potential for election frauds in the United States.

Final Conclusion:

Thus, the Fairfax election scam is about an error that can turn the tables on the election. So, it is imperative to stay cautious of such mistakes and prevent them in the future. So, this was all about Fairfax Clerical Error.What are your thoughts on this error? Please write to us in the comments section below.

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