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The trend and need for online games in this pandemic are on rising, and people need to have exciting games that could help them discover new passions and time utilisation activities in life.

Gaming has proven to be useful and has helped many to stay away from mental pressure and depression.Discovering new games and adopting them daily has become a passion for many of them out there. Let’s get into the article to find out more about this website based in Indonesia.


Talking about this exciting website, we would say that the website has gained many reviews over the internet. It is a gaming application that is available for the people who are more interested in gaming and stuff related to it.

The application has many games inside it and is not just a single game. Domino Boxiangyx com has games like e Domino Gaple, Domino QiuQiu which the viewers and players like and the number of players can also be seen increasing daily. The games are unique and engaging that can gather a lot of audiences.

Our Story

It was found that Higgs Domino is a game based on domino that has some of the best characters that are stated to be local and are the best in Indonesia.

The app provides multiple online games for people who are considered unique and fun-loving. Some of the famous games areDomino Gaple, Domino QiuQiu.99. Apart from these specific domino games, the application has other famous games such as Poker also.This game also has a Facebook fan page that has some regulations which are listed below-

  • No use of hate speech
  • No sharing of unusual content
  • No promotion of other games
  • The admin can give warnings anytime in case of violation of rules related to Domino Boxiangyx com.
  • The Facebook fan page is for interaction between the players.

Specifications of the website

  • Website:
  • Website Age: 3 Years 6 Month 25 Days
  • Website type: Gaming app
  • Website Origin: Indonesia
  • No. of games: Multiple.
  • Platform: Application
  • Fan page: Higgs Domino Facebook Fanpage
  • Social Media pages: Facebook, Instagram
  • Facebook Followers: 266,761 
  • Facebook Likes: 234,580 
  • E-mail- [email protected]
  • Users Called: Domino Buddies

Reviews/ Ratings of Domino Boxiangyx com

The website is a gaming website that has multiple games and is useful for many people. The website is more than three years into action and has gathered the right audience. 

Researching the authenticity and the working of the website, we gathered some reviews from the users. The thoughts are the main essence for any online business or a website to be judged or looked upon. People have seen celebrating the app’s birthday and have shared many screenshots from the application.The people have seen uploading many quizzes and puzzles on the Facebook page, and many people have answered them also.Thus, the Domino Boxiangyx com has engaged a broad audience and has a good customer base.DescriptionDo you want to play some online games? Then, read this. 

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